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  1. Reaver

    Hi all

    Welcome I am new to Kansas aswell.
  2. This is my new one my last one is soaked in blood... still waiting for work patches to come in aswell as more mag pouches. Eagle C.I.R.A.S with level 4 plates and soft armor
  3. I need to purchase several thousand dollars worth of med stuff anyone know anyone that can get me a bulk price? I need BVMS AEDS ETC
  4. R.I.P my brother and fellow freedom fighter you shall be remembered.
  5. Police shooting competition Sunday Wish me luck.

    1. tniuqs


      You get to shoot Police ... nice ;>)

  6. Launching my new firearms training company. Facebook Phoenix Firearms Training.

  7. Good stuff here. I started as an EMT out of highschool then became a medic, Long story short I became a LEO and over the years merged the two together. Being fit is good being fit of mind is imperative, Seeing someone shot be it the suspect or a fellow team member or an innocent person even possibly a child CAN NOT INTERFERE WITH YOUR JOB PERIOD. You must be able to treat a man who has just slaughtered people. Your a medic not a jury.
  8. Good to hear from you bro, Did a few stints over there.
  9. Long time no see for alot of you folks. Was recently hired to train the local ERT/Tactical team and fulltime Patrol. Guess ill be hanging out here more. :D

    1. emtannie


      It's about time you came back! Good to see you again..

    2. Don1977


      Reaver?!!?! Holy shit!

    3. Reaver


      Haha don whats up bro.


  10. Did some work for TC generally good group and company. The "biz" is shrinking so dont put all your eggs in one basket. PM me for some contact info.
  11. stayed in a 5 million dollar condo in vail colorado. AMAZING

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chief1C


      Oxygen bar nearby? I get dizzy and drunk like over 5,000 feet...

    3. scubanurse


      no that's still nice even for Vail... I'm in vail a lot since that's where my doc is...LOVE Vail

    4. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      So that's why you haven't been around to talk with us 'commoners'!

  12. tired of being tired and in pain

  13. whats the difference between a hockey player and a hippy chick? hockey players take a shower after three periods
  14. RIP. wish I had a chance to laugh with him once more.
  15. big cities pay well, and they are quite picky.
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