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  1. thanks guys. I have thought about talking to the family, but that isn't really something I want anyone to have to think about. Honestly I think it bothers me so much because this was right around the time my friend was preganent with my godson. It's hard to see how quickly this patient declined. She had bled out from a lacerated liver. But i think the hardest was the newborn, watching the little girl die before she even could live. I'll find some to at least talk to. I don't think I need to "overcome" anything, just share it; if that makes any sense. thanks guys
  2. Ever had a patient(s) that was so disturbing, tragic, memorable... ect. That you can't forget. I've been plagued with the memory of a women 8 months pregnant and lifeless in the e.r as an emergency c section was performed in attempt to save the baby. I remember every detail of trying to bring mother and baby back with no sucsess. How do you forget something like that. Or recover from it. It's been the hardest thing i have ever seen as an emt. I cant get it out of my he *head*
  3. Anyone know of any good emt-intermediate practice test online that are free?
  4. shift tonight 6pm-6am then work at 9am... letsa pray for a quite night

  5. have you ever gotten a call and walked out into the bay, only to find the ambulance is gone? yup... it's been one of those days.

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    2. tcripp


      yeah...you can't leave us hanging...

    3. tniuqs


      call 911 !

    4. emtcutie


      nice tniuqs, and we found out that someone decided to take it in to get the horn repaired, without looking on the bored to see if there was a crew and without calling it out of service. yup... that day was weird, we also ended up "babysitting" at the hospital for 2 hours and riding a fire truck, yup weird day.

  6. emtcutie


    It is true, there may be more dangerous things to do in your free time. However there are definatley more productive things to do. I don't understand the concept of it, and why it is sooo fun. And yes my spelling has imrpoved, thank you.
  7. emtcutie


    for those of you who don't know planking is, here it is... I think its stupid
  8. wth is with planking...? people are retarded

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    2. emtcutie


      i posted a vidreo in funny stuff, although I don't think its funny, its retarted

    3. tniuqs


      Now I take it back .. another 2 minutes lost in my life to stoopid.

    4. emtcutie


      yup, who comes up with this struff anyways lol?

  9. see told you, i am retarted next to that kid...... and I don't game... infact i haven't played a video game in like 10 years
  10. i feel retarted next to this kid
  11. sleepy, i baked 100+ cookies today for a party, any left are going to the local rescue squads.... still gotta make 3 lemon merange pies and a carrot cake... and oatmeal raisin cookies,... ughhh

    1. tcripp


      need my address to deliver? :D

    2. tcripp


      need my address to deliver? :D

    3. emtcutie


      haha if you live in virginia, i'm almost tempted... ughh i never thought i'd say this but im sick of baking

  12. messed up my knee, ughh

  13. first day back to work after a 6 month education LOA... ughhhh

  14. this day is for you daddy, ily and thank you for your service :)

  15. ow ow ow ow ow sunburns suck :/

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