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Suggested watches?

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Hey guys i'm currently enrolled in an EMT-B class, i'm loving it! It's clear that you have to wear a watch inorder to get a patient's vital signs so I'm looking for a good watch to fit these criteria(s). I was looking at G-shocks and they don't have filters such as auto EL.. clock hand for seconds etc so I turned to this forum


What I'm looking for in a watch:

Easy to clean

Has a hand for seconds

Shock proof, able to possibly bang it up w/o the clock stop working

Possibly military time

Auto EL, when I look at it/flick my wrist it possibly lights up so I can see it during night time.

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I have a samsung gear watch,  


you can have any watch screen you want. 

the one I'm using now is a digital clock but you can upload a analog watchface with a second hand 

It can also go dark when you aren't using it but when you turn it to look at it, it will light up(you can turn that feature off).

Most smart watches have that feature.

I have had it for 5 years, it's glass screen has held up to normal wear and tear, it is nearly scratch non-existent. 

Plus - feature - if you use your cell phone to call the hospitals, you can actually use the watch to call the hopsitals and not have to get your cell phone covered in nasty germs.  

it's a pretty and practical watch. 

I recommend these types of watches.  

But a run of the mill timex or 10 dollar dollar tree watch will get the job done as well too.  The watch I had cost my wife 249.00 for my birthday.  

Your mileage will vary.  I'm getting ready to upgrade to the newest gear watch which will allow me to make cell calls without having to pair it with my current S9+ phone.  

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oh yeah I want to add one thing though,  do NOT get a smart watch if you think that it's going to be super cool and be able to bring up all this cool data the same way that a smart phone is goign to be able to.  You will be a fool that is parted with your money very quickly.  The display of a smart watch is no more than 1 inch or so, you will have no way of directly typing on the watch so you won't be able to do a web search or any type of texting except in some extreme circumstances and it just will NOT NOT NOT be like a smart phone experience.  it just WILL NOT 

People I know who have bought the smart watches because they think they will be like a smart phone are the ones who take the watches back.  Dont be one of those people.  

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I wear an apple watch in the ER and a g-shock when I'm in the field.  I have worn the apple watch a few times in the field but it wasn't the best option.  In the ER I love my apple watch because i have a stop watch easily accessible and I am not distracted by my phone in patient rooms.  In the field I just want something durable that can withstand me smashing it against concrete and I can dunk in bleach when I get blood on it.

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FireMedicChick your reply is top notch and makes an entire lot of sense to me, mainly when mentioning nasal cannula. Would it be honest to say that the usage of nasal cannula is usually recommended while the affected person has lots of mouth secretions like this website? What approximately using both nasal cannula AND oxygen masks? Is that even possible?


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