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  1. how have you been "partner"

  2. Love that Baby!! Here is my input on a name. Loose Me N The Act, Loose-N-Classy Me, Fire in Class, Acting Loose
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    Meet my second grandson Dustin.
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  5. Welcome to the Chat, Hope all is well in Italy. Ladymedic 250(Jan)
  6. Always be up front and honest. Let us make the decision to help you, with us you will get honest answers/feelings. Standard of care is correct take care of the neck, hypothermia....if they have scoop and then put on a stretcher thats ok to if that is all you have. I have been in a country more primative than yours. Stabilize with the materials you have sometimes is never enough. Good luck in your quest.
  7. Are you kidding me????!!! Even newbies in the business knows this answer. I don't know who you are but go somewhere else! Don't insult our intelligence with this stupid scenario. We have been in the business a lot longer than you are thinking. Even us old farts will protect the "true" newbies and you aren't one of those!!!
  8. Wow after reading all the posts this is a discouraging situation. Unless you are ready to take up this battle you will be hitting your head against the wall. I pray that it doesn't take an accident/death to wake up some people who should be held accountable. Some areas that I have worked in if you get a ticket or you have been found at fault while working in the truck could give them grounds to be fired. Mainly because it will raise the insurance rates (maybe). Remind your partner would they want their family member to be in the back going through a crisis how would they like it if someone was driving/talking during their care. Me I would write a formal letter all the way up to City/County Council and higher if you need to. It only takes one time for an incident to occur basically it is a matter of when it happens. I have been the lead in many situations and I would keep writing them up no matter what and keep copies for a paper trail. That will speak loudly when your back is against the wall and they want to blame someone. This way they can't say they didn't know about it. You would think common sense and majurity would take over but obviously it hasn't arrived in some. Gook Luck!!
  9. Thank you. I am not much of a joke teller....lol I appreciate the reply
  10. One day 2 boys were going to school. One boy was bragging all about his mother, told his friend her age, weight, etc. Asked his friend what about his mother. The little boy didn't know anything, so his friend told him to go home and look at her driving license. So later that day the little boy got home Mom was out hanging clothes on the line he went to her purse and was looking at her license when she came back in she yelled...What the hell are you doing? Little boy looked up with a confused look on his face and told his Mom that his friend was telling all about his Mom and he didn't know anything about her. The license said it all. Mom your 40 years old, you weigh 130 lbs, and the reason why Daddy divorced you is because you got an "F" in sex.......
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