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  1. You will be missed Cap!!!

  2. Rip Brother! You are missed!

  3. You will be missed dear friend.

  4. Goodbye, till we meet in that big EMS lounge in the sky, old friend.

  5. Happy birthday hun!

  6. Under no circumstances should she be allowed in 11' of anyone including herself with one of them infernal instruments.
  7. Retread

    I wish game.

    Poptart wish granted, but, they are all spinach/liver filled with cottage cheese frosting. I wish chocolate were a love potent.
  8. ahhhhh ! I got it DVD=time machine. Not unlike Professor Whoppie and the wayback machine. I wonder if Michael J/ Fox knows of this?
  9. Our Volunteer Fire has a good junior program taking 14-15 yo and 16-17 yo in different groups. Firefighting participation is limited by child labor laws and we strictly follow those laws. We have been in business long enough to produce some graduates who have become assets to our company. On the other hand sometimes our station looks like "Breakfast Club" but it does take a village to raise a child. The EMS division is not doing much, however, one real stumbling block is a prohibition of juniors riding vehicles in emergency response. The organization has some reservations about the liabilities of direct patient contact. Junior firefighters do train in CPR, FA and some to First Responder. All in all it is good for the company and good for the young men and women involved.
  10. Retread


    Gawd y'all That is so funny. Had to hold myself to keep from needing a shamwow to clean up after myself.
  11. Hey this new pay for chat crap has me out. If you want I give you special permission to get hold of me thru yahoo IM or skype.(tho i prefer skype to yahoo) anyway hope to hear from you soon. NIKIPOO

  12. Right after i take my 2 fish sammiages w/tarter at the village mart, but before i select a drink and the elderly gentleman has a TIA and wipes out 2 phone poles and does not remember what happened.
  13. Boy; I wish I'd keep the numbers. Sporty you know, I have been in EMS since 1971 in one capacity or another. I have seen seat belt development from old simple lap belts. The vast majority of seat belt wearers have fared much better than their non-wearing counterparts but alas I have no numbers to back it up. All I can offer is my opinion based on my observations and recollections. Like they say, seatbelts save lives!! Lead by example, wear yours too. Heck, you already paid for them when you bought the car.
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