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  1. Old folks Still here?

    Holy cow batman.
  2. I'm ...back!

    Don't know. Ain't seen him here in ages.
  3. Questions Area

    I promise an ambulance in every driveway staffed by 2 competent Paramedics.
  4. hi

    Just review all my posts and you will become the best EMT ever.
  5. Questions Area

    Come on you know I'm right.
  6. Questions Area

    How about a section for all spenac's comments to be posted as we know if people listened to my opinions and solutions EMS would just be better.
  7. I am back!!

    Welcome back I guess though I have no clue who you are.
  8. I don't know how the weather is, let me ask my arthritic knees and back.
  9. Now i'm even more dissapointed in you Doc finding out you kept watching this stuff.
  10. Now see Doc you done forgot where you come from. EMS means Earn Money Sleeping. We might as well have you on that show since you are making such mistakes.
  11. These so called emt's and Paramedics really make all EMS look like idiots. "Its a pediatric call so makes our adrenaline go up", why they are still just another patient. "We need to keep patient calm not just because it could cause heart issues but could send them into shock", holy crap it was only a minor injury. I could not watch more than that as so much horse crap.
  12. The suspense and fear is killing me. Hey guess what I started page 64.
  13. But if we know it won't be a secret so it will no longer be scary.