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  1. I say Hello from Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi there! In Germany, I think it is sometimes a big problem, that a lot of people, who work in the "blue-light-milieu" drink alcohol...in administration of justice, police, rescue... I work in administration of justice...I work as a nurse here in Germany in a prison...and a lot of my colleague have a problem with the alcohol...and in my second job, the rescue also.... Do you know this in "your" states also????
  3. I work also right at this station in Munich-Germany....heyPhil...the world is very small....
  4. Hello irish...I send greetings from Germany!!!!
  5. I also pray here in Germany for you and your wife....I send you a big hug over the sea....
  6. Thanks kiwi for the link... Thanks Richard...but I don´t think, I have the time to ride with them (otherwise, perhapse I can do this once)...at this short time, I just would like to visit a department for one or two hours if this is possible...
  7. Hey there! Perhaps I am going from Germany from 29.11.2009 up to 5.12.2009 to New York City with my Dad.... Here in Germany I am a nurse in prison and on my second job I am EMT-B... I really would like to visit in New York City a Prison if this is possible...perhaps only for one or two hours....and I would like to visit a rescue team or paramedics... My Dad an I will stay in Manhattan.... Does anybody knows, where I can write before to check if it is possible?...exspacially för the prison...what papers from Germany do I need, to come in the prison?.... I would be very glad, i
  8. malukapi


    I am also on Twitter... http://twitter.com/malukapi But most of the time i write in German...
  9. Merry Christmas to all of you from Germany!!!
  10. ...I found an english link in Wikipedia, which explains the German EMS good... Web Page Name
  11. ...this seat is for patients, when they can sit, or I sit on it, when I have a lying down patient, so that I can look at him...but this car is mostly only for handicapped patients...so it not always necessary to sit behind with the patient...is everything ok with him I will sit in the front with my driver...
  12. ...here I will start a thread about the German EMS... ...I am at a private Company here in Munich called "Aicher Ambulanz Union"... ...we do non emergency transports, emergency transports and medical services for concerts, big partys and so on... ...I am a "Rettungssanitäter"...I think this is a litte bit "higher" then an EMT-B...but I dont really know... ...first I will show you some pictures from Wednesday...it is me in our uniform...normaly we have also an orange jacket, but it was warm on this day... ...on this day we only transported handicap people...we have a special car
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