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  1. After hanging atound & chatting with Dr. Bledsoe last week. We started reminiscing about old times in EMS and EMS forums, Dustdevil name came up.... thought I drop back by and see if any old timers were left? I'm no longer working primary in the field or even ER, but started as consultant for a large hospital. Telestroke with 18 hospitals attached. Ahh the corporate world.. but still educating medics & nurses! Hope all is well with everyone. .. R/r 911
  2. I am all in favor of evidenced based medicine (EBM), the problem I have is in the true research of what is legit and what is not. There are several articles citing where bogus pay-offs to endorse EBM. Of course large fines have been set but ... the millions of dollars and opening of potential law suits because physicians follow set guidelines only to later find out they were falsified. I have worked professionally in research and development, I have seen and understand the importance of rigid standards and ethics... and I also have seen the opposite to be published and some set as standard
  3. AMEN!! So many needless blood cultures, etc... We have became a "follow the alogrithm/tree" practice...
  4. Love the pod cast... I do think this is definitely an area that EMS (even in hospitals) fails to recognize.. R/r 911
  5. Should I become an EMS student and eventually an EMT? As many discussed, what are your intentions? If you have to ask.. probably not. This is really tying to be a profession. My advice is to go to academic studies and obtain your general education. You will need them no matter what you decide to do. Also, will my age hinder me greatly? Yes!.. Most professional services require minimum of 21 years of age for insurance (unless self insured) .. I have seen many of requiring up to the age of 23. Again, this is a profession. What are the challenges of studying to be an EMT that I should be
  6. 1. How often is your ambulance inspected by an outside regulatory agency (State, City, Province, Whomever) ? Yearly, per EMS Division but.. we also have spot inspections at anytime anywhere. Yes, even at 0030 at an ED. 2. Is the inspection a true inspection, where the inspector truly verifies that you are totally in compliance, or is it pencil-whipped ? I guess to put it more clearly: does your pucker-factor go up when you know you are about to be inspected, because the inspector is such a hard-ass ---- Or do you have no worries at all because you know the guy just wants to lay han
  7. This is an unfortunate incident. Yes, there was definitely an incident, now ... did this cause ALL those stated problems? I doubt it. Yes, they will sue the EMS.. and yes, they will probably settle out and or win. I did not hear if the patient was immediately taken to examined to the ED, etc...? YES, the family appears to be already counting the money. Yeah, mamma appears to be post stroke state and WHO knows how long, she has not been NORMAL?.. It was an occurrence, something unfortunately (or similar event) we or hear that happens daily within EMS or anytime a patient so happe
  8. Sniff ..... Sniff...... Smellls like a PR and marketing strategy. Alike UT when they studied and then introduced the EZ I/O with Vidacare. I am always careful, when I hear .."we are joining.. teaming up.." in lieu of true benefits. Alike others have discussed, what time element will really be reduced? I know the traffic is horrible in that area but would the monies be spent in educating the public? I really do doubt that with even over 1800 stroke like patients; how many of these notified EMS prior? Alike they said, "We have to be bigger, the first" and so happen we build mobile clinics.
  9. Thanks for the welcome back, nice to see all of you here again, I do hope all those that are newer in EMS will read the White Papers. You cannot go forward, without knowing the past. If you read the details, the emphasis was never to develop Paramedics rather place surgeons or physician to go with the rescue/ ambulances. Well, we know how far that went.... Ironically, it was the list of many things to do for the Johnson (LBJ) administration (I believe number 14 or 16) on highway safety. Ironically, this is the first we seen the term Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and why we were ass
  10. Unfortunately, EMS will be considered an occupation because of our own demise. Professionals, usually require the minimum of a college degree or not being able to proceed any higher within their occupation (i.e physicians, attorneys, engineers, etc) You may not like the nursing profession, but over the past 40+ years they have rallied to see that most stand alone (i.e hospital based) programs have almost eleminated. You will find almost everyone is associated with some form of academic educational site. Now, with NREMT bashing. True it is a testing agency... BUT .. without their push and
  11. Couple of clarifications.. I'm on the site review for CAAHEP/CoAEMSP. EMT programs do NOT have to be "accredited" program" rather only the Paramedic programs. This is OLD news. What makes the CoAEMSP special, well it is composed of EMS educators and endorsed and have participants by several EMS organizations such as National EMS Educators Association. Again, this has been in the making for the past 15+ years and NO surprise, following the national blue print. NR has NO curriculum as well, it follows the NHTSA and AHA standards for testing. The new curriculum is no longer objective based any
  12. It's easy to read a blurb from a news report and armchair quarterback... Sounds like a cluster call, glad I was not on it! Hmm... a seriously ill child, i.e asthmatic (even the most seasoned medics nightmare) and then to have a vehicle contact while transporting... Are there potential errors and things that could have been changed to have a better outcome... yes. Before we start reviewing assessment and treatment modalities, let's remember this was ten (10) years ago.. and yes, EtCo2 was not a routine assessment (Paramedic should remember Co2 entrapment ) and albeit one would prefer to de
  13. A black eye to the profession? Yes.. and every profession has losers in it. The good news is that out of the hundreds of thousands of provides, with the lack of continuous background history and monitoring.. we have very few incidences and occurrences! We should not have to have a "blackbox" in the back of the rig to monitor for incidences. Unfortunately as our profession grows, we will see a rise of undesirables and their actions in the news. R/r 911
  14. ABLS has not been popular in years due to most of the education and training follows American Burn Association guidelines for prehospital care, ( as a former burn nurse and ABLS instructor) and truthfully there is little care and treatment prehospital care providers can provide in the initial steps. R/r 911
  15. Hi gang! Yes, like the rest it was a shock and very sad to hear the loss of a fellow EMS Lifer... We all can agree that Dust (Rob) was unique.. and even if you did not agree with what his comments or ideas, you had to admire and respect that he .. " made you think"!. We personally chatted several times, and yes agreed on the majority of things as being very seasoned veterans of the EMS system, that so many do not attempt to see the whole picture and to get out of the comfort zone .. "or out of the box". I still have a RedRider sign that he purchased and sent me.. thinking of my nickname..
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