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  1. Glad I could drop in! 10 years since I signed up here, it has been forever! I've done a lot of growing up in that time! Rid, you do need to get this party started
  2. Haven't logged in in absolutely ages, but I've got great memories of those that I met on here! Nice to see some familiar people still around, thought I'd say, hey! Hope all is well.
  3. personally, I hate shootouts.... its no way to decide a game of hockey... its just like flipping a coin, but oh well it has to be done somehow. And why is there a question as to who will win?? You've got to have faith in the Canadians! ...i wish them luck....
  4. something about being allergic to eggs - can't get the flu shot. .....i don't remember the last time i had the flu.
  5. nobody told me it was a water game at the time.... I thought it was a land game, and I learned why it isn't.
  6. touch football? alright, I can understand... but tag?? oh please. And, if you really want it to be supervised, then supervise it. ... I doubt it would be that difficult... shouldn't teachers be watching kids during recess anyway? ...if these kids aren't allowed to run around, they wont be as physically active. They'll contribute to the already growing number of overweight and unhealthy children in America. :roll: I am responsible for the banning of Marco Polo at my school after I ran into a fence in grade 6 and cut my head open.... ...but we were still allowed to play tag.
  7. rayster


    lol, or... in other words... MOVE!
  8. ohhh dear.... moose are alot bigger then people give them credit for!!
  9. Thanks for that picture dustdevil.........! its beautiful. excuse me while I turn my head in the opposite direction.. I'm not going to lie and say that the picture doesn't gross me out, and that I'm a perfect example of a young first aider who can do anything and handle everything. Ok, I lied again. The picture doesn't gross me out... but If I saw that in real life then yes... i'd be a little (ok, more then a little) freaked out. I feel like, although you do say otherwise, that there is a general dislike of youngens. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit one sided here because I know that things have been said along the lines of appreciating young involvement and interest in EMS, ect, however I do feel a huge and almost overwhelming "get the heck out of here" feeling. I do find this a bit puzzling, but I'm thinking it might be because I have no idea about what goes on in the states along the lines of volunteer services or 16/17 year old EMT-Bs. I know that if I wanted to be a paramedic in Canada, I wouldn't be able to do this until I was 20 simply because of the 2 years required for the college degree. wooohooo Somehow somebody is always upset about the question of young people... whether it be the question of young people participating in ride alongs, or in cadet programs, or getting involved in the profession to early... I don't think everybody will ever be happy. Theres a big grey area when it comes to young people and their abilities, and of course the idea of us young people simply growing up too fast... and this grey area is perhaps why its such an issue. I shrug my shoulders. I don't know. I just get fustrated with all this back and forth. ....the anwser my friend, is blowing in the wind.... the anwser is blowing in the wind. p.s., EMS49393... being young RULES... If I could live in neverland (as in, peter pan land... not MJ's house) I TOTALLY would. But, as this is not happening... well... I have no choice but to grow up...sort of.. it can wait for later. I'll tell you one thing, when I'm getting grey hair i'll still be young (at heart). Either that or I'll be hit with the grey hair at a young age gene that seems to live in my family in the next few years. I admire your ambition to build a smurf play house anyhow...
  10. rayster

    3 Word Story

    sponge-bob square pants.
  11. among the many things i love about canada... the "i am canadian" beer commercials....
  12. nicely done! (will you be available for autographs later? )
  13. he must have thought it was a hot day... and a perfect time to go for a swim. :?
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