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  1. Narcan at the EMT level.

    ODEMS the people who write the protocols in Virginia just gave EMT-B's the ability to Give Abuterol and Narcan in the new protocol book. I doubt my agency will let us do this though as we are not even given auto inject eppie on our trucks ... Ahhh the life of an EMT-B in a world of ALS.
  2. New EMT-B Student

    I wrote a ten page paper on how to improve cardiac arrest survival rates there was a lot of good info and research there.
  3. Help, New in NH

    Sorry Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad
  4. Help, New in NH

    can help you with NH but where did you work in VA im Volunteer Rescue Squad
  5. What happened here?

    New people pop up here too though
  6. EMT student seeking some advice :)

    I may be wrong but I have watched night watch in the past my impression was that they just film the EMS responders while they get real contacts... but ever field medics make mistakes, thats just life