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  1. ODEMS the people who write the protocols in Virginia just gave EMT-B's the ability to Give Abuterol and Narcan in the new protocol book. I doubt my agency will let us do this though as we are not even given auto inject eppie on our trucks ... Ahhh the life of an EMT-B in a world of ALS.
  2. All i remember from that day is the image of towers burning while i stood terrified watching TV with my grandmother I was only 4 at the time. I think people don't actually care about the lives which were lost by first-responders and civilians and that enrages me. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the cookies some families brought to the station on 9/11 but i would rather have them pray for the families who lost their loved ones on that day because they are the ones who need to know others care.
  3. I wrote a ten page paper on how to improve cardiac arrest survival rates there was a lot of good info and research there.
  4. Sorry Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad
  5. can help you with NH but where did you work in VA im Volunteer Rescue Squad
  6. I have my shift at the rescue squad on my last day before school starts.
  7. Well I decided to quit football and enjoy my summer for once. I am now a cleared attendant at my rescue squad and I am able to work multiple shifts a week. The flexibility Is the best part. To stay fit I decided to run cross country which the only downside to it is having to go to practice after working a night shift. By far a good decision thanks for the help!
  8. I Took the NREMT exam today and got kicked at 71 questions I was freaking out all day until It changed me to an EMT online!!!!!
  9. New people pop up here too though
  10. So currently I am a junior in high school and I have two weeks left in my outdoor track season is over and then I will have to make the choice of if i should come back for my senior. So my teammates hate me (think its because I work to hard) I haven't played too much and with the new guys joining the team I feel that would be the case next year. Also I will still have to work my shift at the rescue squad once every eight nights so missing a practice every week wouldn't help my case. My options: 1. Play football and just deal with it, miss the practices probably not play but feel good knowing I didn't quit. 2. Run cross country, practices are shorter and less of a time commitment and I would stay in great shape coaches wouldn't mind if I missed because its a whole different culture. 3. Dont do either focus on track training for(shot put and disk) so I would still be in shape I have no clue what to do but one thing is for sure I am not about to let the certification im working my but off to get be a waste of time. please help guys!! Your favorite EMT noob cameron
  11. Now that i think about it yes but that was the crew chiefs decision I was a ride along that night. I'm not sure how else we would have transported them considering one was having seizures and an obstructed airway.
  12. Our captains chair has a fold down car seat for children to sit in however i have never scene it in use. We usually make an X with the stretcher straps and lay the child their so we have room to work or have the parent hold them on the way to the hospital.
  13. We use Statpacks for our first in at my agency it took some getting used to but they work well and everything has a place and was much less jumbled than the old bags also the O2 bags we have from them.
  14. I wonder what hypothetical country and hypothetical state that hypothetical crew and hypothetical patient was in. And mike yes there are restrictions for our TDO and ECO's we had a crew go through the process a few months ago for a psych patient.
  15. Yes you can legally force somebody to go to the hospital, at least in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its called a Medical ECO or a Medical TDO, both of which require orders from a magistrate and have time limits. Its a complicated process but at least in VA there is a magistrate on call 24/7 An ECO is only for transport and last for only 4 hours. A TDO is for when the patient needs to stay at the hospital. There are restrictions of course but I need to talk to my teacher about those again because my slides are vague. Hope this is interesting and helps the discussion.
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