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  1. vonk

    Narcan at the EMT level.

    ODEMS the people who write the protocols in Virginia just gave EMT-B's the ability to Give Abuterol and Narcan in the new protocol book. I doubt my agency will let us do this though as we are not even given auto inject eppie on our trucks ... Ahhh the life of an EMT-B in a world of ALS.
  2. vonk

    New EMT-B Student

    I wrote a ten page paper on how to improve cardiac arrest survival rates there was a lot of good info and research there.
  3. vonk

    Help, New in NH

    Sorry Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad
  4. vonk

    Help, New in NH

    can help you with NH but where did you work in VA im Volunteer Rescue Squad
  5. vonk

    What happened here?

    New people pop up here too though
  6. vonk

    Paediatric transport restrains

    Now that i think about it yes but that was the crew chiefs decision I was a ride along that night. I'm not sure how else we would have transported them considering one was having seizures and an obstructed airway.
  7. vonk

    Paediatric transport restrains

    Our captains chair has a fold down car seat for children to sit in however i have never scene it in use. We usually make an X with the stretcher straps and lay the child their so we have room to work or have the parent hold them on the way to the hospital.
  8. vonk

    Thomas Packs vs Statpacks

    We use Statpacks for our first in at my agency it took some getting used to but they work well and everything has a place and was much less jumbled than the old bags also the O2 bags we have from them.
  9. Not to be a wacker but... I have a cheapo flashlight that i use when running calls at night, and well it does not really work consistently, any suggestions for something cheep bright and will last. I like having a light on me at night for running calls and so I don't wake people up in the bunk room in the middle of the night when getting up ad odd times.
  10. vonk

    EMT student seeking some advice :)

    I may be wrong but I have watched night watch in the past my impression was that they just film the EMS responders while they get real contacts... but ever field medics make mistakes, thats just life
  11. First I would like to preface that I was not upset at all I was just suppressed by the volume of units working or on standby no as it was three in the morning there was a dispatch for another fire call not nearly as large scale some where in the country and there was one or two medical calls which happened through the course of the entire event. Ironically we had just completed our FEMA certification in class and to be completely honest the whole operation was run extremely smooth thanks to us having four battalion chiefs and the fire marshal. Its probably because I am still new to ems why I found it so surprising but talking with my crew chief apparently they had already planed for a incident like this in this exact building because it is unsafe as compared to modern buildings go. I just thought i would share my experiences because i thought it was interesting given the size of event and the planing of unit placement because our county oddly shaped which made me question the unit placement. It all worked out and that is what counts. Thanks for being supportive and helping me learn and grow my knowledge in the ems community.
  12. Yes it was a major incident the building had poor ventilation and only one main stairwell from the looks of when they were allowing people back into the building there was around 150 to 200 people. We are in Henrico County just outside of the city of Richmond so yes we are in the south but that being said it was around 11 degrees at the time of the incident and we had just had a major snow storm (six inches yes that is a blizzard for us here) so there was already a lot of ice which was coupled with all of the water leaking from the fire hoses on scene. As for the fire I was never told how many units were involved but it was on the second floor and was put out completely in roughly 30 to 45 minuets. The majority of the time on the call was taken up by room by room inspections for more fire in the entire building. It was very ingesting thought.
  13. Wow last night we got a call at 1:00 am for a general illness the typical mid night call we got back to our station around 2:00 am while we were filling out the last bit of our paperwork we got dispatched to a structure fire at a twelve story retirement home. By the time we were released at 6:30 am there were thirty eight fire engines, trucks, command vehicles, and medic units. Looking at the dispatch system during the call there were only six units for our 316,973 resident country and while our county is densely populated it covers 245 square miles. Six available units for the entire county some how this call seemed a little overkill to me especially when only one person went to the hospital.
  14. vonk

    Work boots

    Hmm I have seen people where boots like that but always thought that they came that way. Thanks for the tip.
  15. vonk

    Work boots

    Thanks for the help ill check REI first and there maybe something in the next town over ill just have to check with some people.