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  1. Hi all, I currently work in EMS but I also run a summer camp and I'm looking for an online EMR course for some of my staff. Any place that we could try would be great as I've spent about 3 hours looking online today already. Thanks
  2. I didn't study for a week before mine. Eat a good breakfast, take a deep breath, and read the questions thoroughly.
  3. I am a student who is currently doing clinicals. I take no offense when my preceptor double checks my work or outright ignores me when they have a job to do. I would not feel bad at all, I expect them to check my work, thats also how I learn. In terms of your anxiety, try explaining how things are going to go down prior to the shift, that way everyone knows their place.
  4. I Like the Real Tree kilt but I don't think it would keep the ticks out of key areas while hunting.
  5. Not sure if anyone has seen this but it looks awesome. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/03/18/college-student-creates-instant-healing-gel-to-stop-heavy-bleeding/
  6. Just finished the Mid-term exam last week, diving into trauma and start clinicals in April. Can't wait to do some hands on stuff!!
  7. Welcome and thanks for all the info about ems in France
  8. Roby777

    Hi All

    Would just like to say hi to everyone here, I'm about halfway through my EMT class and look forward to getting into EMS. I am here to learn from vets and keep up on current issues in EMS Thanks, Rob
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