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  1. I got stumped on this one... on scene treating a male who was shot. you see the need to remove a nearby handgun to treat the patient. wht is the proper way? 2 fingers on the slide? by holding the grips? sticking a pen in the barrel to lift it? 2 fingers holding the trigger guard?
  2. prolonging life one day at a time

  3. prolonging life one day at a time

  4. prolonging life one day at a time

  5. medix

    waiting for calls

    i read somewhere that an emt was bored at the station and wanted some calls to drop. that made me think a bit because i get bored too but im not hoping someone has an emergency. i love what i do and i like to be the one who people count on helping them but only when duty calls. its someones loved one that needs help and it would be awful if you had to respond to your own.
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