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, I do not carry medications in any of my packs except paracetamol, Aspirin and GTN.

After my girls got into a wasp nest and recieving over 10 stings each on a remote part of Vancouver island, I started carrying Epi and Benadryl as well.

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It may be like here in NZ though where you can buy an EPI Pen at the pharmacy now without a prescription. if it were my kid who were having the severe reaction I would give the Adrenaline and save their life and deal with issues later. Guess its a parent thing

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I have a pair of gloves and a high visibility vest in my glovebox and that is it

It is interesting you can carry adrenaline for administration; do you have a prescription for it?

Epi is not a controlled substance, so no prescription nesassary. It is like carrying antibiotics.

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Withr regards to the epi, if he is from Canada autoinjectors are OTC. Amps of epi require an rx to obtain from the pharmacy, but it is VERY easy to get (similar to ABx. rx for travellers diarrhea).

As for OTC meds, there is a lot of medication that can be purchased w/o an Rx here if you ask at the pharmacy counter.


Select search drug schedules and select schedule II. In Canada meds are divided into schedules, with only schedule one requiring an rx. Schedule II can be purchased otc but you must ask at the pharmacy.

Some of this stuff probably shouldn't be sold OTC in any form!


Lidocaine 1% w/o epi-parentral
Lidocaine 2% w/o epi-parentral
Lidocaine topical preparations
Tetracaine ophthalmic preparations (can cause serious harm if used inappropriately)


Nitro spray (cheap, around $20-24)
Epinephrine autoinjectors (no ampules/vials)
Glucagon (also cheap in canada, ~$50)

Tylenol #1 (325 mg acetaminophen and 8 mg of codeine)
activated charcoal

For some reason, levophed (norepinephrine) is OTC (yet you can't buy amps of epi 1:1000 or salbutamol otc??).

Any of you critical care guys know why they would even consider selling heparin OTC? Seems like a recipe for disaster...

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i ahve all my gear with me, vest, jump bag (all my ALS mediacl supplies), have a blackhawk bag with (cold weather gear, rapell harness, caribener, knee and elbow pads, lights, granola bars, bottle water, whiteout suit, extra socks, gloves and this and that)......

goes with me where ever i go.... always ready 24/7 365

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