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i have a single bag, it's my bug out bag, it's in the back of my Sequoia SUV. It has 3 days of supplies in it and enough for my family as well. Firstaid stuff and medicines of mine that I need for my diabetes and personal health issues.

That's it.

No specific medical bag.

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In 40 plus years in this business , I've seen one femoral artery bleed.

motorcycle versus guardrail.

Of course he also had a traumatic amputation of the leg so he had many more issues than just the femoral bleed which was controlled easily with a pressure dressing due to the shearing method of amputation that all but sealed of the vessels. He also had a traumatic chest trauma which caused a bilateral pneumothorax's and collapsed lung along with cardiac contusions .

Now you see why knowledge of anatomy & physiology along with the other sciences are important education to have.

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Small first aid pouch in my glove box with 4x4s, 1 ABD pad, roll gauze, gloves, & CPR mask. Keep a traffic vest and an MRE in the jack compartment. I do carry a stocked BLS bag if I am camping or climbing in more remote areas. I used to live in a more remote area (now live in a major metro area) and kept my bag in the back all the time (I also was doing S&R at the time so my BLS bag and my 72 hour pack lived in my jeep in case of a call out when I was not at home to save the trip to the house then to report to the search/incident). All for the Be Prepared attitude just not to the extreme of having an ambulance worth of gear in my jeep at all times (also had a jump bag stolen before and it is a pain in the ass to replace everything.)

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I'm going to go pick up a first aid kit for my roll cage today! I'll put some gloves in there, some roll gauze, some tape, and maybe a triangular bandage. With those things I can handle most injuries that will occur when Jeepin...

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I had a 97 TJ SE Soft top but it started to died on me in December of 2012 (right as I was trying to finish up Critical Care school) had to go finish the trade in on a lunch break one day

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Oh lordy. All you emtcity veterans please don't kill me for reviving a long dead post, just trying to liven things up a bit... I guess? :ph34r:

I have two "kits" if you will.

Kit 1 - a ziplock bag with some gloves in it. Sits in my door in the bottom. With that there's a small first aid kit with some general trauma stuff (an abd pad or two, some gauze, I think some scissors, and that's about all.) Most important thing I carry is my cell phone. First thing I do is call 9-11, whether I stop or not.

Kit 2 - a more fully stocked kit with some IV supplies, epi, and benadryl. I ONLY take this kit out with me when going camping, hiking (will leave it in my Jeep), or any other activity that takes us far away from medical help with friends or family. I used to also carry it with me (save the IV supplies & meds) when driving from Calgary to way up North Alberta when I was working on the rigs as a "medic".

Now I'll just leave this right here... :whistle:

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