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So since I'm out of the military now, I kinda had this feeling like, Oh Crap! i dont have anything issued to me...What if "something happens". I better get my own stuff. So along with assorted gauze/quik clot/tournequets and stuff like that i've aquired in the Marines, I bought a pack that i think would be good for humping and modular pouches that i'm going to organize all my stuff in.

I wanna know, whats in your personal KIT? or if you dont have one, what would your dream KIT consist of? I would love to see pictures of what you got,how it fits on your, and maybe some weights of your total gear.

I'll be posting what i have as soon as i get home in a few days. I would love to see what everyones opinion of what is necessary, and what they think you can do without!

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Whatever happens to be in the pockets of my turnout gear, is the only thing I carry in my vehicle anymore. I assume there is prolly like an odd number of medical gloves, like three. Prolly about ten pairs of used gloves, a few crinkled, empty gauze pad packages with bloody glove prints, the plastic bag from a collar or two, my shears which prolly have blood on them, a half dozen pens, none of which are in working order. A half used roll of kerlix, which may or may not have blood or dirt on it, and then all of my various firefighting and/or extrication gloves. Different calls require different gloves, yanno what I mean, prolly not. There may or may not be an unused, or maybe peeled open, but not broken out Dukal, Economy brand "Blood Stopper" in one of my bunker pants pockets. Its a pressure dressing, seems like a good idea, then you realize it was overkill and just stuff it in your pocket, since it's no good to stuff back in the ambulance's trauma bag... Where 99.99% of it originally came from anyway.

The only useful tool... Road flares. Pretend you think EMS means Eastern Mountain Sports (a brand of camping/outdoorsy stuff).

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Gloves, ANSI vest, cell phone. Paper towels. That's about all I need as a civvie, even if I do end up stopping for some reason (the ANSI vest is more for SAR roadside stuff where I'm parking in the dark up a canyon and don't want to get nailed).

Less really is more. Keeping a level head, getting transport crews to you ASAP and good information to them via dispatch seems to be the most useful IMHO.


CO RN-ADN Student

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What is the mission you are trying to cover with this Kit? Are you talking about a general first aid kit for your home use / Trauma bag type thing like a first in bag for you to have in teh back of your car if you come across a medical emergency / IFAK type kit for Tactical activities?

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Since we're not likely to see the kind of trauma seen on the battlefield (especially when there's a fully stocked ambulance on the way if we do) I keep only a few things in a bag in the car. Stuff anyone can use. Some gauze pads, roller bandages, shears, tourniquet, and gloves. I also, always, have a bag in my back pocket with two pairs of gloves in it. That's about it.

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I think it really depends on your resources.

If you are in a highly populated state, I would suggest very little. Stopping to help someone brings about it's own risks, and if you are in a poulated area, help is never far anyway.

The reality is, there is really only a very few times when having sonething done in the first 15min will effect the patient outcome.

I have a basic 1st aid kit and a pair of gloves for my local travels, but if there is no obvious severe injury, I don't stop..... I just call 911 and move on.

That said, I travel into remote areas of the prairie provinces frequently. There are stretches of road lasting hours that do not have EMS or police coverage for 100km or greater.

So I choose to carry a fully stocked ALS kit with me on those trips.

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I carry two Kit's when I am about, one being a basic level kit with basic first aid supplies like bandages and band aids etc. The second one, is carried if I am on long drives where EMS support can be a long period of time away and as well as the basics, it also has more equipment in it like Airways, Bagmask, C-collars, IV supplies etc, I do not carry medications in any of my packs except paracetamol, Aspirin and GTN.

I like my old school kit as well as my new school one, below are a picture of the two side by side. :)



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