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  1. My work bag lives in the back of my car on my way to and from work - big ILS response bag with oxygen etc. Otherwise, I've just got a small bag in the boot of the car with a BVM, a set of OPAs, a big dressing or two, and some gloves in.
  2. The Fred Easyport Pocket AED is small enough for a bag/pocket.
  3. Tend to follow the pattern of: Allergies Medication Past medical hx Last meal eaten Presenting complaint History of presenting complaint On examination Treatment Clinical impression
  4. Afternoon all, I am an emergency care assistant (somewhere around the level of your US EMT- working for a private ambulance service in the UK, doing a mixture of event medical cover, and patient transports. I am also the director of an event first aid cover business, providing first aid cover alongside a small group of colleagues to events requiring it. I started my career off as a first aider within a voluntary ambulance service in the UK, the British Red Cross. I worked my way up through courses, both internal and external. Completing a private EMT course in the UK soon, and hoping to apply for paramedic science at university next year. That's all for now! UKM
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