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  1. So since I'm out of the military now, I kinda had this feeling like, Oh Crap! i dont have anything issued to me...What if "something happens". I better get my own stuff. So along with assorted gauze/quik clot/tournequets and stuff like that i've aquired in the Marines, I bought a pack that i think would be good for humping and modular pouches that i'm going to organize all my stuff in. I wanna know, whats in your personal KIT? or if you dont have one, what would your dream KIT consist of? I would love to see pictures of what you got,how it fits on your, and maybe some weights of your total gear. I'll be posting what i have as soon as i get home in a few days. I would love to see what everyones opinion of what is necessary, and what they think you can do without!
  2. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  3. Hello everyone, i figured i'd do the right thing and introduce myself before posting any questions or comments on threads. I'm not an EMT... yet! I just received my honorable discharge from the Marines, and now i'm ready to start a new journey as an EMT. I'm starting school this August, so expect questions coming from my direction. I'm not completely ignorant to basic life saving since we all go through a Combat Life Saver program in the fleet which is basically bleeding/breathing/shock management. I really have a deep respect for all EMT/Medics/Corpsmen and cant wait to join the ranks... If anyone out there has questions about the 'tactical' side of stuff i may be able to help, i did my two tours in afghanistan as an infantryman so i do have experience/insight with that side of things. Well thats all i really have to say, i'm looking forward to joining the community, hit me up if you have anything for me.
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