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  1. Yeah I just saw it, not realistic but there were some moments where I laughed
  2. So tonight on Comedy the new TV show featuring 3 EMTs in Chicago will debut in Canada. I know it's been out for a couple weeks in the US, has anyone seen it? Is it funny? Is it somewhat realistic or way out of the ball park? Is it worth watching? I'll be tuning in to see it, hopefully it gives me a few laughs. Do you guys think it paints a bad picture for EMTs in the public? It'll be interesting to see how the show plays out once it's on tonight, hopefully Denis Leary doesn't disappoint.
  3. Thank you for the advice I will do my best!
  4. Roger that, thank you
  5. Agreed military is a special case. For me I've always had a high respect for military, emergency services and healthcare. That's never gonna change.
  6. No problem at all sir
  7. I don't ever recall claiming to be a PCP. You might have misread something I said, I believed I said that in the future I wish to work part time as a PCP for my local EMS station. But trust me I never said I was a medic, cause I'm not. My dad has shared some bad stories like the time he had to do CPR for over an hour in a helicopter, and a few other stories about him loosing patients. I know it's not a fairy tale. But it's the work I want to do no matter how hard.
  8. I'm really sorry for coming off as a completely ignorant teenager who's here to argue or something. I'm really not that guy. I said some things I regret and I'm truly sorry. I respect all of you no matter what you think of me for what you do. I hope you can all be a little more patient with me cause I don't have 10+ years in EMS, I have 0. I don't want to go into EMS for the glory or anything and I know it's gonna be tough but it's what I want to do because I enjoy helping people. I'm here to learn and I've already learnt a lot. So thanks for teaching me. There is no other job I want to do, th
  9. Your right you all do. I will do my best to fit math and chemistry into my grade 12 schedule, and if I can't I'll either take those courses after high school or talk to the college that I might be attending. The college is CMA certified so I don't think there totally useless lol. But hey I'll do some more research on it. Thanks.
  10. All I'm trying to do is thank all you guys :/ maybe you don't want to be called heroes and I can understand that but no matter what I look up to EMTs/Medics cause in my opinion there doing a service that is extremely important to society. I'm sorry if I somehow keep offending all of you, I'm not trying to do that. I'm here to learn as much as I can cause that's all I want to do.
  11. I know you guys know a lot more then I do. And I am listening to what your saying but no one here knows my situation. Therefore no one here can really understand. But thank you all for your input
  12. Found this picture awhile ago. Thanks to all the EMT and Medics out there you guys are all heroes to me!
  13. As I've mentioned.... But nobody seems to listen, I don't need to take chemistry or physics because the college that I will be going to that offers PCP doesn't require them and I won't be able to take them in my grade 12 year.
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