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I have a couple different kits

I have gloves, OPA, tourniquet, breathing barrier, vest, personal meds, jumper cables, ham radio together in glove box

I sometimes respond in my vehicle to scenes (entrapment, multiple pt, spot checks of providers) so I have a full bag for that with (not everything) O2, NTG, ASA, Epi, narcan, intubation supplies, tourniquet, gauze, gauze rolls, c collars, BP cuff, pulse ox, stethoscope, chest seals, petro gauze, opas, npas, Chest decompression supplies, IV supplies, saline. Dextrose, glucometer, Nrbs and ncs, bvm, monitor (not actually in the bag), Amioderone, triangle bandages, Sam splint

finally I go on long tracks so I have a bag for that, including misc medical supplies, survival supplies, tent and sleeping bag, etc

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