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I was required to purchase a vest as part of my field practicum. Chances are that the service I get hired on with will not require me to wear that vest, but since I already paid 600 bucks for it, and we are seeing an increase in violence around here, I figure wearing it is probably alot smarter than leaving it in my closet. Plus when its -50 here, it keeps me warm

Where do you work?

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27% of officers killed last year were not wearing vests. Not that they would have survived for sure, but that's a whole 1/4 who MIGHT have survived and gone home to their families. Doesn't mean we need to rush out and get one, but if you're considering their effectiveness.....

Actually, to be technical, if the rate of death without a bulletproof vest is %100, and the rate of death with a bulletproof vest is %73, then the survivability of the unarmored population would be .73 x .27, or .1971, or %19.71 of all of population might have survived if they were wearing a vest.

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This is the vest that I am issued at work. The vest itself is made by Point Blank. As you can see, it consists of a navy blue external carrier that goes on over your uniform. It has removable level II plates by Second Chance (not the best but better than nothing...I'd like level III if possible). We also have a blunt trauma pad that goes above the front plate.

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While surprised to find a string from April of 2008 reactivated, I mention here, as I had on all previous strings on the vests, watch the wording, as no vest is totally bulletproof, as noted in the armpits and head areas.

Besides, there are the so-called "Cop Killer" Teflon bullets, which are still illegally available. They are called Cop Killer, as they are designed to fatally penetrate all types of "bullet proof " vests.

Call the vests what they really are, "Body Armor"! Even an Arthurian "Knight In Shining Armor" could have been killed by a well placed arrow shot, penetrating the breastplate and chain mail.

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I am almost 100% sure I am going to buy some armour to wear during long distance transfers.

Violence is not really a concern in my area, but rolling the rig is.

Just not too sure what kind to buy..... Better read over this thread.

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One guy in this area wears a ballistic vest over his uniform and I think a couple have a stab best underneath. The guy with the ballistic vest though, wears it for good reason. He got a gun pulled on him when working Toronto EMS and his wife won't let him work without it.

I doubt I'll wear ballistic at any point. The areas I'm hoping to work don't call for it. I'm consideing a stab vest depending on the service, but even that's unlikely at this point. If I do, it will probably be for the peace of mind of my fiance. Same reason I've promised that I stay buckled in the back unless I positively have to get up. (that and my own life I guess) :)

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