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  1. Thank-you all for your condolences; they're appreciated. I don't have much else to say at the moment. We're still working to come up with the planning and details for Julia's memorial and will share them when they're worked out. It will be a public memorial for everyone who wants to gather and remember and in keeping with Julia's spirit, as positive as possible.

  2. While many of you are already aware, it is with a shattered heart that I have to tell the rest that Julia is reaching the end of her battle. After Christmas she started to get worse quickly and entered Southlake where she's been since Dec 30. While we'd hoped she would amaze us all and recover from this after weeks of watching and waiting, recovery is at this point impossible. She is unconscious and is being kept comfortable surrounded by family and friends around the clock. We expect that s...

  3. Just about all our trucks now have the side seat on a track. Can rotate through 180 and slide forwards and back with a three point seat belt. They've placed commonly used equipment in two drawers within reach and gloves above. I really like it; much nicer ride on bumpier roads too then having your back on the wall. We use the Demers MX170. Great trucks!
  4. So the guy who made this video is definitely a new recruit at YREMS! Keep an eye out! (And yes it will get stuck in your head)

  5. Most police services here don't have a badge as part of their daily uniform. Their badge is in their wallet with their warrant card. We're issued a badge by the service along with our provincial ID but it's a wallet badge.
  6. Last night we stumbled across this old coat; almost forgot we had it. Carter went out in Grandpa Steve 's old coat. Of course we had to take a photo for Nanny.

  7. Nothing easy in this household. Was pretty sure Carter needed to poop before bed but no luck on the potty. He woke up screaming at 0030 and hello fecal impaction. Anyways... Glossing over the graphic, awkward for both of us, sobbing details, first success in the potty.

  8. We have Stryker power cots on every truck and stryker power loads on most trucks as its phased in. It's actually lead to crews not putting in reports on trucks to avoid being switched into a truck without power load; we love them that much. To address the weight of the cot we have tracked stair chairs on all trucks and use them for in and out of the house when ambulating isn't practical. For bariatric we have the LBS version of the power cot and the powered stair chairs available on a response unit along with lifting airbags. Every truck carries the bariatric abdominal restraint now too.
  9. I was insanely lucky to get such a great partner who became one of the best friends I could ever ask for! Thanks Aimee , now go kick ass in school!

  10. Earned my pay and then some today. Seven calls. Well five Code 4's and two transfers but still. Three down four to go!

  11. Who told Runkeeper I was feeling better. It just tried to guilt me into going for a run. "We had a great workout last week..." Screw you, I've been sick for three of those seven days I haven't been running.

  12. Netflix may have enough Ken Burns documentaries to monopolize my binge watching for the next few weeks.

  13. Dear overtime fairies: Please give me an OT shift for tomorrow on RRU. Or at least in the north; with someone cool; on a truck with power load.

  14. Standby at the Community Safety Village! What an awesome way to spend a work day!

  15. Busy day! Walked to the market and saw a steamroller, bulldozer two cranes and a backhoe on the way. Then went to the market and saw an Ambulance going to a call. Then had lunch by the river and saw a huge wood chipper cleaning out the gardens. And then we went and bought a great book from the used book store. And then we went and saw fire trucks! Now time for Toy Story. - Carter's day.

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