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  1. I did take a look at the injury photos, and I was rather shaken. I've seen just about every injury that a human being can suffer at one point or another. I've even had bilateral above the knee amputation victims, but this was something else. But the worst of it, by far, was the reports of the children's injuries, in addition to the death. Pediatrics and traumatic amputations are two terms that should never go together. I'm speculating, but with what's come out about the crudeness of the devices, flash powder, pressure cookers, and timers, anyone could have built this, and I mean anyone. In th
  2. Seeing the pictures made me really cringe. I wish I could have been there to help. From an EMS response standpoint, here are my thoughts: - The prevalence of lower limb injuries is interesting. This could just be by placement, but it may have been by design as well. - I'd really like to see the PTT/INR stats on some of the victims. Bad guys have been known to pack the shrapnel with warfarin containing pesticide to increase mortality rates. - Hats off to Boston EMS. Wow. Great job. The response will become required MCI reading in the future. - This is the MCI eventuality that a lot of
  3. I never buy the "its the hidden agenda" line. This "hidden agenda" nonsense is something that right-wing pundits made up so people will vote for them and buy the products their sponsors are selling. I've never seen paranoia like this creep into mainstream political ideology, but its scary. Really scary. That guy in Alabama was a prime example of it. Years ago, a heavily armed guy who built a bunker in his backyard and patrolled his land at night would have been a red flag. But that way of thinking has become so mainstream that it didn't even register. We need to end this crap before more peopl
  4. Explain to me this one. The DEA clamps down on certain chemicals and lab equipment that can be used to manufacture illicit drugs. Its not that its impossible to acquire it, its just that it takes a lot of paperwork and accountability to do so. These chemicals and pieces of equipment have a myriad of uses, far more uses than high capacity semi automatic rifles do. Why is it such a big deal to apply the same rules to certain firearms than we do to certain pieces of glassware?
  5. I'm sorry, but I came to the consensus that the only time its acceptable for a man to wear a pink shirt is on the French Riviera. I'll do my part by dangling a bully over the side of a highway overpass like I do every year.
  6. Maybe those brave men who go play paintball on the weekends could tolerate living in caves for a little while, chbare. But as soon as the power gets shut off and they lose wi-fi, they'll find their popular support among their constiuents dropping rather quickly. I'm still waiting to hear how these scenarios would play out. The last time there was a show down with the feds was probably Little Rock, Arkansas. The National Guard was federalized and that was the end of the story. I assure you the civil rights movement was far more divisive then the current debate on firearms, and all that came o
  7. But Dwayne, even the really dubious argument that "I need this much firepower to prevent government tyranny" is ineffectual. You would need a lot more than a Bushmaster to have any chance against a modern government. Things like Javelin missile launchers and anti-satellite missiles would need to be legalized. I've tried to picture in my mind what this doomsday scenario would look like, and really, it had better be over something than whether you can 5 or 10 rounds in your ammo magazine at any given time. What would be the breaking point? Suspension of habeas corpus? Already happened during the
  8. The point I'm trying to make is that in a lot of cases the thing that defends people from corrupt governments is the federal government. The federal government ended slavery. They put Al Capone in jail when Chicago and Illinois couldn't, or rather wouldn't. Its not the federal government scooping up American citizens and throwing them in jail because they look brown, that's Joe Arpaio. The federal government tries to stop things like that. Read up on the New Orleans Police Department. Would you want them being in charge without the DOJ stepping in? What about the financial sector? What happene
  9. Dwayne, I understand your opinion, and Waco was a clusterfuck, but then again, you did have a cult leader inside keeping people prisoner and marrying underage girls. Its not like Janet Reno drove a tank through a church pot-luck. This is the way I look at it. The federal government has had very little to do with my life. Pretty much the only thing they've asked of me is to register for selective service when I turned 18, pay my taxes, and use proper postage. The Federal Government has never cut me off in traffic. The Federal Government has never kept me up at night with their loud parties. I
  10. Let me get this straight about volunteer billing. You provide a service... the organization gets paid for the service... and the people doing the service don't get paid. Heck, the people in China assembling the iPhones at least get a couple of cents an hour.
  11. Here, use your imagination about what this does to an arm, leg, head, lung, hollow, or solid organ: I know any gun shot wound on a child is catastrophic. But again, if 18 of those children weren't transported, it means the wounds were beyond catastrophic.
  12. Here I'll clarify on the .223 round. Relatively speaking, the round itself is not particularly large, but the powder charge is designed to propel it at supersonic speeds. You see, right around the Vietnam war, they realized that a bunch of small bullets flying at high speed presents the best chance of scoring a lethal or neurogenicaly incapacitating wound. In other words, this gun was designed to shoot at something that is shooting back at you. That is there purpose. That is why they were built. That's why they are so deadly. Of those 20 children killed, 18 were pronounced on scene. What type
  13. Chbare, I'm talking about you in particular. I don't know you very well. You're probably a level headed individual who can be trusted with a gun of any sort. I have no doubt about that. But the problem is that a lot of people who have access to firearms aren just like the people I described. Gun owners can't put their blinders on and say those people don't exist, and in significant numbers. They do. Trust me, they do.
  14. Chbare, I've heard all of them for just about every piece of equipment that you could possible strap on to a firearm of any sort. Except for folding stocks, that is. I have yet to hear a practical use for folding stocks except for concealing a large capacity, high power weapon, and the only reason you need to that is if you plan on ambushing someone, which is only appropriate in a combat situation. There is no situation in the civilian realm that a normal, level headed person would need something like that. You know what also cuts down on the noise made by firearms? Earplugs. They're cheaper
  15. Here's my take on this. I grew up on a farm in the country, around various forms of firearms. Part of my medical training is the effects of various firearms and the injuries they cause. Part of my operational training deals with the aftermath of sudden catastrophic events. I have personally dealt with more gunshot wounds than I can remember. So any argument that I'm some sort of limp wristed gun grabbing liberal do-gooder is pretty well null and void. I am not against private firearm ownership. I am against the private ownership of military type firearms, namely, semi-automatic large capacity
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