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  1. Old folks Still here?

    I still lurk from time to time. Not quite 10 years but I do remember the "glory days"
  2. Antivenoms

    Howdy, I was watching TV, and while the show was in Australia they were dealing with brown snakes which can kill in 14 minutes. If you figure in a standard response time say 7-9 minutes do any of my warmer climate brethren carry some form of antivenom for snakes or spiders? And what determines there use? In Saskatchewan as far as I know we have no venomous snakes or spiders, I know in at least one area of BC they have rattlesnakes so I don't really have any experience in this area
  3. IO access

    I have used the EZIO and found it very easy to use, the BIGs that we used to carry I have heard of nothing but problems. The FAST is ment for the sternum, I think the only place you can't put the EZIO
  4. why was atropine removed from acls?

    No epi, atropine or amiodarone looks like acls is becoming less "a" and more just "cls" Just means we need to make sure that as stuff is removed we push to get what's added in its place, or even a larger/full level of acls meds
  5. Canadian EMT (new to site)

    Wow your ahead of the game, half the time I don't even know where I work..... Then again I've been a student so long I don't know if I remember what working was like. The excuse we got was SIAST was waiting on the new NOCPs to update the program, which is why we wrote tests written in 2006, not exactly up to date materials.
  6. Canadian EMT (new to site)

    STARS stars in Regina in April and sounds like sept in Saskatoon. TBH the SIAST ACP program isn't that great, they just haven't kept up with the new protocols. Nice to see another northern reserve attendant here (see big white taxi driver) And never mind squint, he likes to stir the pot.... his way of providing food for thought Welcome!
  7. Hellooo

    Howdy from another Canadian PCP who spent a lot of time on call. Welcome to the site!
  8. This whole switching between work and school thing sucks

  9. Prehospital RSI

    Saskatchewan has an MFI protocol (about two weeks old) that is not in use yet. Versed (0.1mg/kg max of ten) and Fentanyl (3.5mcg/kg ax 250mcg) or Etomidate (0.3mg/kg) and fentanyl. No paralytics. Although we do carry narcan we have no reversal for the midazolam.
  10. Sharp object stuck in the body

    In alot of places Paramedic EMT and associated titles are legally protected. So I truly hope you are a "medic" because impersonating o e may be illegal. And sorry but even every EMT I know has a text book or two lying around that would tell you never to remove an impaled object. Where I am licensed we are required to recert in ITLS every two years, make it hard to forget something basic like that, for a medic at least. EMT by day, Captain Canuck when duty calls
  11. the end of classes is near

  12. Wow no exams for the rest of the week, what am I going to do with myself

  13. Medic School Vids

    There is nothing that will ever make me miss grey shirts Mobey! Yeah the fresh prince was fun, the video didn't work perfect but it was alot of fun. Fitness I believe would be more suited to the EMT class, rather than Paramedic, but I still understand the point. I don't know if I want to admit this but.....I was the one dancing with the dummy.
  14. Medic School Vids

    Here in Canada it seems to be common for Medic students to make some type of EMS video as a class project. These usually end up being pretty funny, so post em if you got em. My personal favorite out of Ontario My groups video