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  1. Hello, everyone, Richard B the EMT here on an overdue visit. Hope you and your families have been safe from the CoViD 19, and you have not lost anyone from your teams. As I'm now almost 9 years being medically retired from the FDNY EMS, I'm relatively safe. None of my family, around the country, have been affected, but in the last month, I've lost at least 10 colleagues in the New York City "Tri-state" region, 3 of whom I used to work with, or under their supervision. You know the drill. If dispatch, or you and your partner(s) are the least suspicious of a call, not just the gloves
  2. I'm mostly on Facebook, on the aforementioned Dinosaurs of EMS, as well as Veterans of EMS, several FB sites specific to the FDNY EMS and it's predecessor, the NYC HHC EMS, plus several FB sites in no way related to EMS, like CB, GMRS/FRS, and Uniden Scanner radios. Other than that, I'm primary family caregiver for my almost 95 year old mother (birthday 2 weeks away as of this posing), running the household as her Power of Attorney/Medical Proxy/youngest adult age child, keeping the aides in line. I'm suffering from arthritic knees due to OTJ injuries, over a 40+ year career
  3. Me being "Captain Obvious" here, take the situation to human resources, or at least to the immediate supervisors. Document all complaints, times, dates, the usual deal. If possible, address the issues to a female supervisor, so she might be more comfortable, even as the men working with her are uncomfortable. Running around in her underwear sounds like...well...inviting trouble. Not knowing the indivividual, could she be trying to trap some or all male colleagues into a sexual harassment lawsuit? Or even a lesbian coworker, in a similar lawsuit? When she's on the road, is she at least a
  4. ParamedicMike, he probably did well, given his experiences. Give him a couple of days to settle in, let the noobs he's with get to know him, and he, them.
  5. I'm retired from the FDNY EMS Command. There, I was mission specific EMS, as were my brother and sister EMTs and Paramedics. We didn't fight fires. The Fire Fighters had to be CFR-D (Certified First Responder-Defibrillator) trained, as per the dispatch matrix, some calls also automatically had an Engine company sent along. The Truck (Ladder) companies.would be sent for motor vehicle collisions. Now, numerous Fire Fighters, outside the paid FDNY, are members of Volunteer Fire Departments, both inside and in nearby counties to NYC, that also run Ambulance/Rescue, and are crosstrain
  6. Due to a bad knee, unfortunately, would not be able to travel too well, even if the event were to be held within NYC, which is my home town, or even within Queens County, one of the 5 counties comprising "The Greater City of New York ".
  7. Unfortunately, in the 6 months she was not in the house and home she's lived in from when she was 16, the Alzheimer's she was starting to suffer from, prior to Superstorm Sandy, kicked in heavily. She is now almost without speech, and wheelchair bound. Me? Right knee arthritis, aggravated by my obesity.
  8. Some didn't even make it to the sand. The landing craft might have been hit by mortar fire with no regard if you got off it or not. The Allies lost a lot of good men that Longest Day. James Doohan, who would go on to portray Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott in Star Trek (The Original Series), was one of the Canadian troops to be wounded during that day. Reportedly, actor Charles Durning was having nightmares from that battle for decades, actually waking up screaming. There were probably other actors who fought that battle, not as actors, but as Soldiers, Airmen, Sailor
  9. I'm sure I'm not the only EMT-Dispatcher who had this situation... Caller says, "I'm at (Location). Me: "What is going on that you need an ambulance?" Caller: "I was shot!" I enter the high priority call into the Computer Assisted Dispatch system, then ask: "Where were you shot?" Caller: "Outside DaNang, 1969".
  10. No matter if celebrating Easter or Passover, hope that it's been a happy one (or both!).
  11. Generally speaking, any EMT, Paramedic, Law Enforcement Officer, or Firefighter who has a year's worth of experience could write a first person report, and would be dismissed by the general public, under the impression that it was all made up. By the way, I have at least 80 pages onto the memory stick, for 42 years worth of experiences. You have competition, as do I, for these type books, but I wish all of us trying, "Good Luck".
  12. Perhaps correct, but at least was posted in one of the non EMS areas.
  13. It could escalate. One country attacks another, treaty nation(s) respond assisting attacked nation, other treaty nation's respond, backing the attacking nation. Each treaty nation's pulls in the other nations THEY have treaty's with, until we have an actual fully involved World War! Its's only been 50 something years, have we forgotten the "Domino Theory"? With all the atomic and thermonuclear arms in multiple nation's, and threat from other nations with "The Bomb," or missile systems to carry them, we are once again approaching "MAD", Mutually Assured Distruction,! Does everyon
  14. Just noted the typo, should read as "I don't know".
  15. I'll try as best I can. Question away, as the worst I can give ya is "I don't".
  16. With my arthritic knee, wouldn't have been physically able to stand as long as required, so I went to the Friday afternoon viewing. At least I was there. So many wanted to go, but couldn't be there, except in spirit.
  17. http://www1.nyc.gov/site/fdny/news/article.page?id=fa1817&permalinkName=fdny-the-line-duty-death-emt-yadira-arroyo#/0
  18. Unfortunately, this seems to be an accurate observation. I, myself am guilty of it, as I always seem to have at least 75-100 FB communications from friends and groups, daily, and I try to look at all of them. The problem with EMT City moving to FB is that you can't find old postings after a certain amount of time, so the same questions will be asked again and again.
  19. Last posting here in August? Where is everybody? Hiding out on Facebook _Dinosaurs of EMS? I admit I'm guilty of that. Let's see what number of postings this makes for me overall on THIS site? 6994, my response to myself makes 6995!
  20. I'm a subscriber to Amazon Firestick. I just discovered they carry the show so many members of EMT City disliked so intensely, "TRAUMA". No, I am NOT going to spend my money to relive that series, or if available, "Rescue 77", "Trauma Center", or, no matter how I like Mark Harmon, "240 Robert"!
  21. NY State EMS Council Delegate’s Report May 24-25, 2016 By: Thomas Lateulere SEMAC is reviewing literature documenting promising news about nebulized magnesium sulfate for the treatment of adult patients with asthma. Note that there is more literature review necessary before considering protocol revisions. The “Alternate Formulary TAG” will issue its revised recommendations at the September 13-14, 2016 meetings. SEMAC Advisory 02-02 regarding AEDs for pediatric patients is now outdated and can be rescinded. Pediatric defibrillation with an AED is covered in the appropriate cli
  22. As mentioned in a different string, I am going to run for President, but first, gotta change my name to "None Of The Above"!
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