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  1. t That is funny. I loved that show,those two were awesome together.
  2. We have now been trained on the king airway,I really like them I think they will be a great replacement from the combi-tube.
  3. The hat looks good on you,but could be very dangerous.
  4. I would not stick my fingers in there to get it out,just the thought of that.
  5. That is way to funny,best one I've heard for awhile.
  6. The calls we get most of is diabetic then cardiac,then maybe assults.Then we also get the really interesting ones also.
  7. Diabetic calls are #1 then probably assult or cardiac a close second.
  8. We carry AEDs on our BLS rigs. I know a lot of first responder vehicles that carry them also.
  9. We use the ferno stair chair I like it but I have never used a stryker.
  10. Pre hospital care is often a thankless, take us for granted job. It makes it alot easier to do this job when we hear a thankyou or good job once in awhile. What keeps me likeing the job is knowing that we are needed and doing a good thing by helping others when they need it most.
  11. I hope you are back to normal again real soon.
  12. I am not a paramedic but it sounds like a good idea,good luke in your endevor.
  13. The service that I work for,I think stating pay for a basic is $11 and tops out at $19 per hour.That is higher than most services but they wanted to be competetive.
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