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  1. Wages

    Can't say for sure as I am not in your area. But 12 an hour is pretty basic starting here.
  2. What should I do after high school to become EMT?

    To be this excited again. Research my old posts. I was too! I love being an EMT, most of the time. Rarely is it ever too exciting. I've had calls where the patient had diarrhea and didn't want to poop in their car. So they called 911. i have had calls with people growing fungus up their legs and I didn't have Vicks in the rig so I smelled it all night. In the end, if you still feel like you are helping people and enjoy it after holding bags of puke, getting screamed at because they believe they are the King of Hearts and you didn't bow or kneeing down on the floor, realizing you just knelt in human feces... it might be the life for you. As for becoming a volunteer firefighter, that is up to you. I provide support, but I'm terrified of fire
  3. Spinal Restriction

    When I first started I followed ever rule and protocol we had. Until I saw a very thin, 80+ year old man lay on a board for several hours in a hospital. He was in more pain from the board then the fall he took that fractured his arm. The next fall I encountered in the elderly I asked about pain, logged rolled and felt the spine and then put them on a mega mover instead. I was sternly reprimanded by the physician at the ED. After that, I started to ask my patients who were not complaining of any neck or back pain if they wanted to be strapped to a board. When they said no, I then would ask if they were refusing? If I got a solid yes, my verbal report stated as much. I am now at a different service but still transport to that hospital. I am no longer questions about it as they have caught up with the times more and I will still transport a severe MOI patient on one .
  4. 3rd time taking the NREMT

    I think maybe she works for pacific medical
  5. Airway and Breathing

  6. Airway and Breathing

  7. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    Jay, what else would work is for permission to transport and treat paperwork, tell them you need their full name, spelled out act like you are filling it out before you have them sign especially since this has nothing to do with being gay
  8. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    then you should know that being transgendered, transvestite or simply you look like a guy or a gal has nothing to do with your sexual orientation I like in BFE Iowa and have a few people here that I want to call Pat. Not because they are gay. Transgendered or whatever, just simply because you can't tell.
  9. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    Listen to lung sounds and hope to feel a bra strap
  10. More on backboards and spinal immobilization

    Well we are taxi ambulance drivers
  11. Hello!

    Welcome and good luck!
  12. Hello

    Yes Dwayne, that will go over fantastic in testing. Lol
  13. Hello

    Mention if you see any bleeding, the ABCs and if there is need for a c collar. You must mention o2, but you do not need to use it. Sample is to be done as you assess. . The long spine board gets several in testing. I found taking the straps off completely was my best bet when testing to avoid too much movement.
  14. Exposure ?

    Weird how he now mentions the pt is hep positive
  15. A couple of points could mean the difference in going to a different level of trauma center. Flying a patient as opposed to driving etc. I think one could lose their job easily