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  1. Can't say for sure as I am not in your area. But 12 an hour is pretty basic starting here.
  2. To be this excited again. Research my old posts. I was too! I love being an EMT, most of the time. Rarely is it ever too exciting. I've had calls where the patient had diarrhea and didn't want to poop in their car. So they called 911. i have had calls with people growing fungus up their legs and I didn't have Vicks in the rig so I smelled it all night. In the end, if you still feel like you are helping people and enjoy it after holding bags of puke, getting screamed at because they believe they are the King of Hearts and you didn't bow or kneeing down on the floor, realizing you just knelt in human feces... it might be the life for you. As for becoming a volunteer firefighter, that is up to you. I provide support, but I'm terrified of fire
  3. When I first started I followed ever rule and protocol we had. Until I saw a very thin, 80+ year old man lay on a board for several hours in a hospital. He was in more pain from the board then the fall he took that fractured his arm. The next fall I encountered in the elderly I asked about pain, logged rolled and felt the spine and then put them on a mega mover instead. I was sternly reprimanded by the physician at the ED. After that, I started to ask my patients who were not complaining of any neck or back pain if they wanted to be strapped to a board. When they said no, I then would ask if they were refusing? If I got a solid yes, my verbal report stated as much. I am now at a different service but still transport to that hospital. I am no longer questions about it as they have caught up with the times more and I will still transport a severe MOI patient on one .
  4. I often wonder about taking the NR test also. The paramedic program I am looking into is out of state and NR is required. It has been 4 years since I tested for my EMT. I just popped back in after about 3 years. Yes, it has died .
  5. Wow. 3 years later. I have switched teams. To a new town. I am a training officer, in charge of looking for a new rig and my daughters health has improved quite a bit!! Stoppedin to say hi. Busy life lately. Divorced, changed jobs... Etc.Hi all!
  6. MariB

    A big day

    Lol, actually, it is not something they can keep. There is no crap banks. It isn't like blood. Sorry.
  7. MariB

    A big day

    Well no, but he will be losing 2 days of work. I am footing the bill for hotel room and food. He has his choice of everything he wants to do which is looking at skid loaders and tool stores. I am more familiar with the town than he is. No money. Just being good hearted
  8. MariB

    A big day

    Thanks you! Getting so excited! For what? Poop! I have to laugh, the guy donating is an electrician. When the office called they went through a whole speech about how honorable of a thing he was doing and how he could be saving her life. He kept responding "Im crapping in a bucket, I do it everyday, sometimes twice, if she needs it great " he couldn't imagine others not stepping forward. Trade workers, best ones to consider for donation. Ever. Little crude, but yay!
  9. MariB

    A big day

    I'm sure it did. C diff is something I had never heard of before this. Of course when she got it the first time, she was sick. Really sick. Her wbc was 38000 with 5 bands. She was transferred emergent by ambulance 67 miles to another hospital. Her vitals were crappy, and they were thinking it was her lungs at first. The diarrhea hadn't even set in quite yet. She has been hospitalized 4 times from the c diff itself. Many other times from the histo. Hopefully we can concentrate on just the histo after this.
  10. MariB

    A big day

    At first she was like "no way!" But after repeated episodes she was so ready to try. Finding someone who hadn't been on antibiotics was the hard part. I take one every day for chronic uti. My spouse tested positive twice for rotavirus so he was excluded for some time. Finally a friend of mine stepped forward and he tested great on everything. They pushed to get her scheduled right away as she is pretty sick girl with both illnesses. Who would have thought we would be all so excited? Her doctors are calling this a life saving procedure.
  11. MariB

    A big day

    After battling C-diff for 10 months, and 4 confirmed cases. We have a healthy donor for my daughter. She is having a fecal transplant Friday morning. She is resistant to vaynco now and has had a few unconfirmed cases where she called in and increased her medications without being tested. It is believed she has had c-diff 6 times. She takes vancomycin every day and has now for almost this whole time. Tapering doses has not worked. Stopping has been a nightmare. It was first told to us she couldn't do this with the meds she was on by infectious disease. I begged to try it anyway. Her gastrointestinal doctor said her medication should not cause any problems with the healthy stool. As for her lungs. Still not seeing much progress. Long term antifungal. Waiting for these things to calcify. Oh and through all of this, she had originally had to quit EMT class due to being ill on the last few chapters. I am proud to say she just finished her hybrid and is now a NREMT. And has returned to school to finish her LPN year. If she can get the c-diff under control and the antifungals keep the histoplasmosis at bay, they have held a spot for her in the ADN this spring.
  12. It depends on the services in your area. Are they welcome to your age? My 19 year old daughter got her certification last Tuesday.
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