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  1. Thanks again. let me try to answer some questions raised. what are you doing right now: I work as security guard making 12 an hr 40hrs a week. 2. Going to EMT just for the money...NO however I need some nco me like 15 an hr to provide for my family of 5 ... Me wife and 3 school going kids. I need the EMT also to have advantage going for the RN which is my main goal. By the way I have a degree but outside the u.s but yes when evaluated, it can be equated to a bachelors in the u.s. My background is science Math Statistics but making a move towards nursing. Why am I asking for EMT 15 an hr? Want to know if it's worth it for me to switch right now to EMT or as you say wait or look out for extra hours elsewhere till my wife finishes her schooling. the VN is the vocational nursing (LPN or LVN). Why this? I can finish it under 14 months and making like 20$ or more an hr while I take the next few years to accomplish my BSN or Nurse Practioner dream. With 20 + few dollars an hr, I can work for 22 to 25 hours a week while I study at the same time for the BSN at least this income can keep the bills paid for couple of years. what are you going to do while schooling for EMT? I have learnt to achieve the hard way...meaning I can do evening EMT class or weekends thoug ( it might be longer than a regular 4/5 days a week). I would have consider this route if at the end I will like earn 15 an hour. The reason here is I have some few hundreds that I am trying to figure how to use it to improve my earning power. You will have to delay your EMT until she finishes her school....with this as stated above, then I better go in for the Vocational nursing rather than do EMT. Honestly speaking I really appreciate your comments and if there are more please let me have them but be as t may, I might forget the EMT stuff get more hours or look for position with security or elsewhere (even warehouse jobs) that can get me 15 plus few more till she finishes her school.
  2. Thanks for your response. A second question please. Is there something else in medical program which takes almost the same time (like a month) to be trained in, that you can suggest tthan EMT? My plight is this: My wife is in school doing her VN so I have to come up with all monthly bills and feed our family of 5. I am looking for areas that I can quickly realize like 15$ a hour with 40hrs or more in a week. At the end of my wife 14months school and once she start working I should be going to school to do the same VN program but I need something quick to take us for the next 14 months.
  3. Hi I am a security guard making 12$ an hour and i work 40hrs a week with little or no over time to make extra money. If i do the emt basic, will i get pay higher than 12dollar as a new employee in the inland empire Southern California?
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