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  1. I took the NC state test the end of October. It seemed that there were some questions which did not follow the newest training by National Standards we were taught. In particular, are some states, such as NC, still recognizing the use of pressure points for bleeding? I passed with a good score, but was confused on several points wondering what was the correct reasoning. I have been told that I "overthink" and get in trouble that way. Looking forward to getting on a truck soon, was a volunteer fire fighter in the 90's and miss it.
  2. MonteKM


    Welcome, interesting choice for a name. My great-grandfather was a doctor, and Dad was a medical salesman. So, I grew up around a lot of medical talk. It is good that you are starting out on this path. Keep going and get lots of training, these days it seems that one should get a Paramedic certification if at all possible.
  3. Welcome. So, did you bring the "Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technician" from somewhere in the Pacific or Australia even? Inquiring minds want to know, or at least this one. As I was going through my EMT Basic training recently and surfing the Net I've come across EMTs all over the world. I was a firefighter for the past 20 some years and enjoyed being a part of that international family. Now adding a new group to associate with.
  4. Yes, I just finished my EMT Basic class and now am studying to sit for the state certification exam. The skills test stuff was like you said, remember to do all that. As one set of replies to a post said, "remember to tell them what you are doing in case they don't see it." On the form I think it says, "verbalizes... taking spinal precautions." Best of luck on your class and career. Monte
  5. I just passed my EMT Basic class. Still need to get my certification from the state, one more official test to go. We had half our class drop as we went along, HANG IN THERE!
  6. Welcome to the City, from another newbie. I just passed my EMT Basic class, still have the state test to beat. Please post a picture and some info on yourself. Being on here is a good sign, get out and surf and learn what this medic thing is about.
  7. I was a volunteer Firefighter in Georgia back in the 90's and loved it. Started running rescue calls as a First Responder. Missed out on EMT class back then, but have recently finished class in Shelby, NC. Nervous about NC state test and then, to sit for NREMT. Really would like to do that, my career hit a dead end and now I want to start something new from something old I enjoyed. Middle aged but still in shape and want to do more than punch register buttons or type and answer phones. I'm also a photographer, and hope to upload some cool apparatus pictures.
  8. Glad you have dreams, Jocelyn. I worked at a major trauma center in the 80's, we had two life flight choppers. It was SOOO COOL, I loved it when the tones went off for the trauma team and I could hear the roar of the take off or landing approach. My job was in the ER, but I'd stand outside and watch, it added excitement to my evenings.
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