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  1. Trauma-Bleeding and Shock

  2. Trauma- Soft Tissue Injury

  3. Airway and Breathing

  4. Trauma-Bleeding and Shock

  5. Trauma-Musuloskeletal Injuries

  6. Trauma- Soft Tissue Injury

  7. Airway and Breathing

  8. Trauma-Musuloskeletal Injuries

  9. Trauma-Bleeding and Shock



    Here is another trauma study guide for you, This one is simple and straight forward.. Hope it helps, Kevin
  10. Trauma-Musuloskeletal Injuries



    Here is another of many trauma study guides coming, I hope it helps you, please let me know if these help. PM me or comment, rate or something so i know that i am not wasting time or board space....Kevin
  11. Height of stupidity/ no common sense

    I assume everyone or almost everyone here is EMS in some way, if you drive drunk you are breaking the law BOTTOM LINE. You knew the risk when you got behind the wheel, and drove anyway. Police don't have enough tools to work with as it is, without worrying about getting sued by everybody. I say give them any tool they need to protect and serve. That law is stupid. What else is stupid is that most states have laws that say that state police or any police must be able to be seen in plain site to be able to pull someone over who is driving over the speed limit! Hwo can you see them anyway flying by at 120mph. How can these people do their jobs when the law prevents them from doing so. We as EMS have many rules that make our jobs harder. Look at it through their eyes. I know I have had calls to a few MVAs where children were killed because of drunk drivers. Its not fair to people who abide by the law. I am surpised at some of the responses here, some must not be EMS. Just my opinion
  12. Trauma- Soft Tissue Injury



    here is the first of several Trauma Study guides. It is very detailed so make time to study it. Next one is going to be musculoskeletal injury coming in a few days. I hope this helps someone. Let me know what you think, Kevin
  13. Airway and Breathing



    This is a word file that I made while in EMT-B class, This is a good study guide for the NREMT-B writen exam. I passed the whole exam with 100% on all topics using these. I am editing and spell checking the other subjects and will post them soon. the best way is to print these and read ( I find ) These are so good my instructor asked for copies to had out to students next semester. Let me know or coment here on what you thing about the guides. PS I had to convert to PDF file because EMT city would not let me upload a word file. If you want to edit the contents just copy the text and paste in to a new word document or whatever word processor you may use. Kevin
  14. To all the new members who haven't introduced themselves yet

    Hello My name is Kevin McLendon, I finished the EMT-b course in may. I have already went to registry and screwed up on Long Bone (forgot to take the second pulse, motor sensory)and have to retest on that one on the 14th of july. I am looking forward to working in the field. I live about 40 miles outside of New Orleans, and have been hired already with a local ambulance service pending my retest. Also I have some really great study guides I made before taking my written test and I passed with 100%. I plan to share them in the download section after going through them and looking for mispellings and mistakes. They are in word format. I hope this helps anyone about to take the writen test. These guides are almost the whole book re-writen but in a realistic study format complete with tables and some pictures. They are very complete and if you study them you are sure to pass the exam.