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  1. Chest Injuries

    As part of my duties here in Namibia, I am expected to do CME's with the staff. Last night I prepared this piece on Chest Injuries. Comments and Crit welcome



  2. Airway and Breathing

    This is a word file that I made while in EMT-B class, This is a good study guide for the NREMT-B writen exam. I passed the whole exam with 100% on all topics using these. I am editing and spell checking the other subjects and will post them soon. the best way is to print these and read ( I find ) These are so good my instructor asked for copies to had out to students next semester. Let me know or coment here on what you thing about the guides.

    PS I had to convert to PDF file because EMT city would not let me upload a word file. If you want to edit the contents just copy the text and paste in to a new word document or whatever word processor you may use.




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