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  1. Awesome. It is nice to see so many actually giving a crap about their bodies..... As someone said, 75-80% of this is diet......You have a diet, you don't go on a diet. Working a truck and shift work do not lend to a healthly life style. But here are a few rules that I use... 1. Brown bag. By doing this, it saves a boat load of cash. 2. Go clean....Simply, try to take as much processed crap out of your diet as possible. Processed Gluten is responsible for inflammation to the intestines which has been linked as a precurser to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and the list goes on
  2. We should add one: Your tube, your chart....... but that might be me being selfish......
  3. Incompetent and Lazy? Maybe... Maybe Not! Ones over usage of diagnostics can be causative of many different factors.... Now that I think of it, I really had nothing intelligent to add to this conversation.
  4. To add to Croaker, doing CPR in the back of a moving ambulance is DANGEROUS. This is FACT and I will not site the studies. Do your own research...... These studies have been out for years. It is sad that we are still debating the outcomes of them. Or the fact that people do not know about them, or refuse to learn from their findings.
  5. Not that your assessment is not incorrect, but why whould the mainstream Pre-hosptial provider have to lower themselves to a few lazy bums that passed their exam? You live in a sad system. But you are part of the problem. You have paradigmitis. Give up, its the way its always been....... Dude, don't give in to the dark side...... Another excuse. Isn't part of your job as a provider to EDUCATE the public. Also, find the research and present it to your peers, and Medical Director. Maybe they are lazy and just don't want to do the research?
  6. Two reasons....... 1. Medical Directors still make providers bring dead people in, so that they can determine that they are.......dead. 2. Uneducated/Under-educated or unsure providers are too wrapped up in "what if's" than science and safety....... But that's justmy anecdotal self speaking.........
  7. Crap Dwayne.....this means I have to do something today........Blah..........lol
  8. Does anyone find this ironic that in a day and age where EVERYTHING we say and do revolves around evidence based medicine, and it seems ERDoc has found one last Anecdote to debate.....I was slightly astounded, but not surprised that I could not find two pieces of evidence that confirmed each other. Not that I searched very hard mind you. But something that is used often by many fields, I would think would be easier to find. Cheers.
  9. I would have to say that a 20 point increase in systolic and a 10 point drop in diastolic would sufice as a baseline for Blood pressure. I have always used a 20 point increase in pulse rate, but can't seem to verify that with a legitimate reference. The same goes for time......it seems that different references have different criteria, and that some some even use heart or pulse rate as an indicator.... Very interesting indeed......ERDoc, it seems I picked a good evening to log in after a long hiatus from this site.......
  10. Not to Monday Morning Quarterback......but someitmes the most expirienced crews get caught by complacency. I would chalk this up to a learning experience. Seems your gut instinct was headed in the right direction. Cheers. K
  11. CLS.....sure do....check your ATTRS link on AKO for dates......
  12. Haha....right on FUNNY.....but I believe it is "if you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them!" I see that there are many different opinions. Most everybody here, except for the guy who thinks gays are mentally ill.....sorry lets get back on track..... Most people agree that there shouldn't be an issue. Besides Lonestar, CHBare, and a few other, how many of you have served??????? How many have deployed to the far reaches of the earth where people really want to kill you????? I just wonder........not that I disagree with the majority, I
  13. Richard, this is correct. The point is depending on the time requirement, and how much time is left on the soldiers contract, it may not be an issue.
  14. Hey, if this guy is a certified medic, treat him/her as such. Value their opinion and discuss issues. By allowing them to talk through the calls, and not interjecting your opinion or ego, will let them know that you are there for them..... Cheers
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