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  1. It's TV, you all expect every emergency show to be 100% realistic. Who would write a prime time drama showing Medics going to medical alarm calls?
  2. I prefer the mask when I'm working up the patient. It allows me to use both hands and speak to the patient. Obviously those things are limited with the other.
  3. If any agrncy expects to continue in a disaster try should plan to support/shelter/protect the family of its staff.
  4. Croaker I'd be interested in what you were talking about for FTO'ing.
  5. My bad. Mixing folks up.
  6. Croker aren't you a pa medic?
  7. I was referring to the national trauma triage protocol. There is no mention of LOC. wouldn't you think if that had some evidence behind it it would be included?
  8. It's an important factor to consider, but no where in the trauma triage protocol's does "loss of consciousness" mean this patient MUST be referred to a trauma center.
  9. My system has an obsession for "loss of consciousness" in trauma patients. It's in there report, the doc's ask about it, yet its no part of trauma triage protocols. Please explaim why anyone would be so stuck on this concept?
  10. That's even worse to see people LSB a gun shot wound. There is evidence to totally contraindicate that on so many levels.
  11. See the above. If your still transporting asystolic/non-shockable rhythmns do explain why...
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