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  1. Oh, I still remember how she appeared here. We had a few chats in the chatroom. Very sad. All the good wishes from here to her family and especially to her son.
  2. Thanks! My original copy of Hill Street Blues is on LP, but no working record player here any more... Feeling old, will try youtube. BTW and back on topic, on youtube several videos show the shooting. "Our" hostage situation didn't get much publicity (which is good), but was scary the first hour, though. Those who like to watch a lot of emergency vehicles responding to a real incident may take a look here, somewhere in between my countie's crisis intervention team arrives (video shows ~41 minutes of police, EMS, fire and disaster response units arrving at Munich scene of shooting...
  3. Update: Identity of the assasin is now known, it was a 18 y/o school kid. Beside having iranian roots in the family there is no evidence of a radical islamic background. Police found a lot of literature about school shootings including scientific (psychological) books, apparently he was fascinated by school shootings, especially about the incident in Winnenden/Germany (in 2009 a former student entered the school and fired). He was in psychiatric treatment for severe depression but probably had an additional drug addiction (which still is subject to investigation). The pistol (reporte
  4. Update: "our" hostage situation at Munich airport was a more or less relationship problem between a man, his boss at an airport company and his wife involving a fake pistol. Totally unrelated to the Munich shooting, just happened at the same evening and seemed to fit in a large terrorism scheme. Wasn't. The Munich shooting slowly turns out to be not terrorism related as well, instead the fatal "extended suicide" of a psychical sick person. However, police still investigates. The incident was spooky, since reports came in from multiple shootings throughout Munich (just like in Paris l
  5. Hi all! Recently I wanted to check back to this site to see what's going on. Didn't happen due to several time restraints, life and so on. But with the shootings this night in my neighbouring city Munich (Bavaria/Germany) I just wanted to check in to say I'm fine. 22-JUL-2016, ~18:00 (local time, UTC+2): an armed man opened fire near a fast food restaurant in a shopping mall in Munich. In the following there were reports of a team of assassins and multiple attacks in the city, which couldn't be confirmed. Local police, EMS and fire department responded. Regional mutual support w
  6. We recently restructured our non-transport first responder squad's bags. Beeing the one who restructured the equipment from hard cases to backpacks (knapsack) years ago I was surprised to find how much the backpack makes in weight. A new member (military tactical EMS background) gave the idea to reduce weight, so we now have a very light backpack with no additional pockets. Just using the simple design reduced weight from around 18 kilograms to around 10 kilograms, carrying much the same as before. OK, we dropped out the O2 tank to an extra bag, but a significant weight reduction just came fro
  7. Bernhard

    Online Gaming

    I used to program one of those online games (called a multi user dungeon, entirely text based). Non-profit and open-source though. That was the state of mind of most of us computer nerds back then. Bad choice, as seen from 25 years later... However, we revived it, it's online again and presented at vintage computer festivals. It's nice to login from time to time or do some developer meetings together with those folks from university. Boy, they're looking old now.
  8. I'm glad we have the right to pronounce death on scene. Medics may decide due to "safe" signs of death, as rigor mortis, livor mortis and non survivable injuries plus asystolie. Working a code for some time with no effort (ROSC) is up to the emergency physician we then have available on scene. As far as I know I never had ever worked someone who now shows an appallic syndrome. Either they died soon after or they survived. Secondary survival rate has dramaticallly increased with new CPR algorithms, in my starting years (end of 1980ies) this was more or less randomly. I at the moment recall just
  9. Canadian Red Cross already helps us out here. A report from a refugee camp by a canadian Red Cross worker: http://www.redcross.ca/blog/2015/11/translating-the-refugee-crisis--stories-from-germany The camp she talks about is just in the neighbour county, not far away from me. By the way, to EMTCity administrators: I find it totally inappropriate to automatically set links into postings. My term "summer clothes", describing a deadly risk to refugee children was linked to an Amazon site with a cheering girl selling "Lovely Baby Girl's Summer Clothes Denim Dress + Cotton Coat + Belt Outfits Sets
  10. You're welcome! Scariest thing at the moment is, that winter time here is just coming. We have a relatively warm autumn, usually we should have got the first frost and snow by now. However, it will come soon. Then, and this will be a tough call, we will have real winter. Winter in Germany and Austria (two of the main passing countries for refugees) is a real threat to outdoor life. Ice covered surfaces, several meters (1 meter = 3 feet) of snow, strong winds and freezing cold of about -5 to -10° Celsius (23 to 14° Fahrenheit) is just a usual daily phenomenon here between November and April. We
  11. Just my point of view, more or less from inside: We're dealing with refugees from Syria and other countries at a daily basis as Germany is as well a main European target for their getaway and a main transit country to other european nations. I live in close relation to the south-eastern borders (just an hour away), had helped building shelters, organized food logistics and am one of those responsible to organize EMS upgrades (i.e. additional ambulance stationing) due to the situation. I have access to the daily reports from our central communication and information center organizing the first
  12. 2015, until now: 2 ET, ~5 supraglottic myself. Assisted when partners applied one on a few more. And I have an office job... Primarily I choose the supraglottic (we use Larynxtubus here), ET only when supraglottic doesn't work for some reason. On one instance my supraglottic AND ET attempt wasn't succesful, so this is not counted above. HEMS doctor eventually was able to push another one in after several tries. We got a fairly good CO2 reading, but it didn't help: hospital later diagnosed a high c-spine fracture and totally confused airway situation, pronounced dead in the ER (44 y/o motorcyc
  13. Here dispatch has address specific information, which may include potential risks, mainly used for hazmat info - don't know if any of that contains potential violence. Decision usually is based on type of call. It's very rare, that a police unit is dispatched with EMS just because of a suspicious address. I didn't read the attached thesis: Is there a process in the Scottish Ambulance Service to delete the flag when there apparently is no danger anymore?
  14. Just to prove that this is no wizardry: Our working telemetry system over here already consists of having status access to hospital capacity,informing the hospital about incoming patients (estimated arrival time, main diagnosis),sending basic patient data to the receiving hospital (ECG, vital values) andusing the data in other computer systems for invoice management and secure archival.From scene we still use radio to request target hospital and relate first patient information to EMS dispatch center (who are medically trained, at least EMT level). But then, dispatch can access a web based com
  15. Let's see. Last week I was mistaken for a towing service by a very confused young police officer at scene of a vehicle accident,was target of heavy flirting by a 89 year old woman at a nursing home, fallen out of bed, vomited, short of breath/possible aspiration - but instantly fell in love with me,rescued a cat from a tree (OK, this wasn't a real call, just spotted the cat in distress on a private walk).We'll see what follows next week.
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