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  1. Wow, just came back to this thread. Didn't think anyone had posted in it. I appreciate the bits of input from some of you, thanks. And wow, crotchity, I am really glad I don't know you in person because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to keep myself from kicking your ass. I can't help but wonder, do you just get a kick out of stirring shit up and pissing people off online? Or are you actually that ignorant? If so, man, I feel sorry for you. "PSTD is weaklings who are looking for a way out." Wow, just wow. I don't even know how to respond to that. Actually, I don't think it's really worth r
  2. LOL yeah we do. And I never said MI has mountains! Faaaar from it lol. I've spent a couple seasons in the Rockies, I do know the difference. There is some decent backcountry in the UP though, just short.
  3. National Ski Patrol is a national volunteer organization with local patrols serving as volunteer first responders on the hill. Pro patrollers at larger mountains are all at least EMT-B, with most at big resorts being paramedics with a great deal of extra wilderness, mountaineering and avalanche training. Most professional patrollers don't have much respect for NSP members skill-wise, but they serve a great purpose, are good at what they do, and have enough skill to handle day to day issues on local hills. And "queen of the acronym"? LOL, gee thanks. I actually can be really bad about it som
  4. OEC is Outdoor Emergency Care, offered through the National Ski Patrol. And to the OP,I have been taken that course, years ago before getting into EMS. It doesn't give really give you all that much "wilderness" training, it's basically a medical first responder course with a few extra skills like chair lift evacuation, boot and helmet removal, and some more info on environmental emergencies (mostly winter, aka hypothermia, frostbite). Not much in the way of alternative techniques/backcountry stuff - it assumes you are with an established patrol with basic equipment. Anything like mountaineerin
  5. would like a break from "possible suicidal" calls for a few shifts, please. My compassion is wearing thin, especially at 0400.

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    2. Chief1C


      Really? I'd rather take someone to the ER, than to the funeral home, strip them naked, photograph them, jab cardiac needles into their thighs and hope to hit the femoral artery. Maybe it's just me.

    3. DwayneEMTP


      Just try and remember Mav that though it can be irritating, that that is another symptom. Just like being drunk, or disoriented, or traumatized those calls for help need to be considered as a pathology.

      And I truly believe that some of the most good that I've done as a medic has been on these types of patients.

    4. maverick56


      I know, and I remind myself on the way to each one that this could be the one that's serious. But it's the "CMH leeches" that get awfully tiresome - the people who are in the ED over and over for the with same attention and/or drug-seeking stories that grind on me. The people who are truly suicidal, but are whiny as hell about life. No, 2c4, I definitely wouldn't rather pick up a body, but I would rather give my time to patients who really want to be helped. Sorry if it s...

  6. seriously sloooow shift! ahhhh

  7. Ow. That is all.

  8. The 4th of July - a time for people to reflect on their freedoms and our nation's hard won independence by drinking copious amounts of alcohol, blowing things up, trying bizarre stunts and driving various motor vehicles recklessly. 65 straight hours of holiday "fun" is enough for, time for beer, hot tub and my own bed.

  9. Thought I was gonna be delivering a baby along I-75. False alarm. Lady was laying in the sun while hubby changed a tire on the boat trailer, lol. Got the blood pumpin' though!

    1. snowking


      could have been an interesting experience

  10. Ok, let's clear some things up. Army medics are ALL trained at EMT-B in AIT (advanced individual training, the school for your job after basic). Passing national registry is a requirement of graduation, this has been the case for many years now. CEUs have always been available, but depending on the unit and deployment schedule, not a priority. In my case, my certification lapsed because I had to spend my available time in schools like airborne and air assault and prepping for deployment. However, as of 2007, maintaining CEUs is required for promotion, so people getting out should all have at l
  11. Finally home after 3 days solid on duty (ok, minus 6 hrs). Ahhh, my own bed...

  12. Happy PTSD Awareness Day - be proactive!

  13. PTSD AWARENESS DAY IS A REMINDER TO LEARN, GET HELP AND HELP OTHERS Today (June 27) is officially National PTSD Awareness Day. The day was enacted by Congress last year with prodding by the VA and various veterans groups. Although it's roots come from combat veterans, I think it's a good opportunity for everyone to take a look at what it is, how it effects people, and what can be done about it. It's an important topic, particularly for those of us working in public safety, to address and understand. As a combat veteran now working in EMS, I am curious how people in the EMS community, you, a
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