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  1. Married was never a problem... the demanding 3year old changed things though.
  2. I told my wife about this convo. She said she would stab me with a pen if I asked for sympathy nookie
  3. In that case, I don’t feel sorry for you at all!
  4. Geeze mate, sorry to hear that. While i have never been stabbed ive been threatened with knives a couple of time (sometimes i think the wife could stab me though, probably while im mleeping) I do know a guy who was assaulted by a man who was high on meth. Unfortunately the paramedic he picked the fight with is an amateur MMA fighter and promptly got knocked out. It was also his first RSI...
  5. I wonder whatever happened to Greshmedic? I remember years ago there was a discussion about patients being dropped of stretchers. He said something like "I have only ever dropped 1 patient.... bitch shouldn't have tried to stab me" Gee i laughed...
  6. They also take the first reply as gospel unfortuantaely
  7. Problem with the chat (as i remember) was the amount of trouble makers it brought in. I had an EMTLIFE acclount at one stage, so i could see the people who left here for being "bullied" (aka, told they were not the greatest EMT/Paramedic EMS has ever seen) head over to EMTLIFE and bag the hall out of this joint. Like most Forums, i guess this suffers from the new facebook generation. They run their clinical discussions there these days.
  8. We have had some interesting results since we swapped to Ketamine as our primary induction agent with our status patients. Where previously they were unresponsive to Midazolam, they often cease seizing on induction. As we do not routinely paralyse our status patients unless their seizure activity prevents their oxygenation, so the tube is maintained with sedation alone. Previously when our induction was Fentanyl/Midazolam, you would get brief periods where the patient would cease seizing but then recommence and you were often bolusing midazolam during transport on top of you sedation. I love Ketamine so much, can't remember life before ketamine (I don't want to remember it either)
  9. Is this your experience KAT or a hypothetical? Truly Interested as its not something i have seen.
  10. Great post! That extra 10 minutes is often what i decide to transport on. Hypoglycaemia reversed and a meal, the patients living arrangement often have me transporting more than the hypo itself, and it's more about linking the patient into the health system for an aged care assessment to prevent re-presentation than today's presentation
  11. So...Admin..... when are you going to let us know what your "other" screen name is
  12. I hope it was just general life keeping him offline and not some kind of crisis. This forum in the late 2000's/ early 2010's helped make many people's careers, and AK was one of the best here.
  13. Not well regulated im afraid. A pharmacist can dispense it if you provide identification, but its open to and does get abused, which is why it's being closed. I'm not sure where that fits into the heroin trade, as the heroin epidemic was before my time in the job. My gut feeling is Dr shopping tends to be people with chronic pain who have then become addicted, where the earlier heroin epidemic was more based in recreational drug use, but i have nothing to back that statement with.
  14. Actually, thats a good point. You cant sill buy codeine based products over the counter here for a few more months. I wonder how much substitution will happen afterwards
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