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What kind of vehicle do you drive?


What kind of vehicle do you drive?  

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I drive a 1992 Ford Explorer. I keep it cleaner than most surgical facilities (yes, I am a clean freak to a point). But I have also taken it out to places it shouldnt have been, such a Belleville Bottom Flats. Has had only 4 minor MVAs (in this order - deer, rear-end x2, and tree) It takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

I would like to have a 2005 GMC Sierra, Ext. Cab 4x4 V8, but that is currently outside my price range.


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OK well i have a 1997 Ford escort. Fire fighter plates and Stickers on the rear window. I have a scanner and soon to be CB radio in it . I don't really carry any gear in it, just a first aid kit, My volunteer turn outs and that's it really.

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I used to have a '96 Police package Chevy Caprice (bonus points to the first to identify the SPID code), and I miss her terribly, that was my beast. :lol:

My baby is an '03 Impala which I bought based on it's "compatibility" with my EMS/LE equipment and lights. :D

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