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  1. Stay safe Dust, I will be praying for your safety while playing in the sandbox.
  2. In rural America Volly squads are a godsend in some cases. Here every city in the county has its own paid VFD (they get paid so much per call whether they are there 5 minutes or 5 hours and they get a christmas check in december). Our citys VFD reqs all FF to be EMT trained as well and they drill 2x month. If they miss 3 drills they are booted off the squad and cannot reapply for one year. Our city isnt a big city so we dont need the fancy shmancy equipment, but the equipment they do have is VERY adequate. They have a Rescue Ambulance, 3 pumper/hose trucks, and 2 brush trucks, jaws of life, wa
  3. oh yes - I picked up a Thank-you card from Wal-Mart on the way home to send in the mail tomorrow AM.
  4. Well Im back from the interview. It went well during the interviewing portion, but during the lift test, it was bit scary. 1.) I was taught on a stryker gurney and they used Fernos - so it was a little bit different to try and learn on the Ferno - I did however let them know that I had never used a Ferno cot before and I asked if I could have a dry run before the lift test, and they happily agreed and showed me the ways of the Ferno. 2.) They were a relaxed bunch which in turn helped me to relax. They joked and cut up and asked the following questions- a.) Can you take a good ribbing on
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies and advice! This is what I have done so far to prepare for this interview- 1.) I have been studying and refreshing my skills ranging from Ambulance types right down to Patient Asessments for Medical and Truama Patients as well as Geriatrics and Pediatrics. I even went back over my CPR Class notes. 2.) I went a bought a new buisness suit- nice dress pants, nice shirt and jacket, pantyhose and dress shoes. I will apply light make-up limited to foundation, nuetral eyeshadow and mascara, and I plan on pulling my hair back. 3.) Cleaned out my truck - the wa
  6. Well Dust is right - there are more EMTs than EMT jobs nationwide with many many schools churning out basics left and right. It seems its a bit easier for newly graduated Medics as I see ads for Medics more often than for basics. Even though it may only be part time, its a start to a hopefully successful EMS career for me. And I also noticed someone changed my thread title, Alco 8)
  7. I got a nice phone call this morning - Im due for a panel interview at an EMS Co in the next county over Monday morning. While I know there have been several threads disscussing EMS job interviews - can you guys give me some pointers and some ideas of what to expect in a panel interview? Any questions I need to be prepared for? Any questions I should be asking? This is definitely a nice relief after the job searching getting me down. Kinda funny how just when you give up, something unexpected happens. I guess it just goes to show how impatient I can be at times. Anyway enough of my ra
  8. Thank you for posting this! Im printing this out and hanging it up on my door in my little room to remind myself of what I need to be focusing on. Thank you again for clearing my view a little bit. Alco 8)
  9. 1.) Lets not air other people's dirty laundry on this site. What happens on one site should stay on that site. 2.) Yes while I do agree sleepy doc was immature in her posts and rants what I want to know is who is supplying the alcohol. Besides I smell BS right from the start. How does she take full AP courses, work full-time to support herself, and take 3 nights of Paramedical courses. It just doesnt seem possible, and she has time to drink in all of this? Truth is many apartment complexes will not let you rent an apartment until your 21 due to their insurance policies, and those who are li
  10. Welcome back Woody - Ive been hanging out here alot less myself but just decided to pop in today to see if there has been any major changes since the last time I logged on. Alco
  11. Further proof that I am immortal- After 3 car accidents, one hospitalisation, a total of 50-something stitches, two ODs, and they cannot locate my death, WTF??? I must be the next goddess of the greeks or something
  12. I did puke at a scene of a decapitation before I became an EMT if that counts... TPBM has had at least 3 major wrecks near their house in the past month...
  13. I can still hear and communicate and like I said I can still hear, just out of one ear instead of two. My parents want me to ride the disability bus, but I refuse because 1.) It limits my income 2.) It limits what I can and cannot do. I want to be able to make a decent living just like anyone else. Being disabled often puts yourself in the lower-income bracket to the point where you have just enough to get by, and if you make too much money you are taken off the disability program. Im still going to my CEU courses, still looking for that EMS job where I am able to get hired, and the EMT
  14. Sure its a liability issue, but once again there many Medics and EMTs that have worked in the field for years and have had hearing loss due to the noise, and Im sure if they took a through hearing test they would likely not meet the minimum standards, should these people be fired, simply because of their job related hearing loss, if they have hearing loss, they could be held just as accountable as I would. End of story.
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