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  1. Having just finished my didactic and clinicals (I am starting my internship soon), I must tell you that all the previous posts have been spot on. You must know your A&P very well. I would recommend you learn the structure of the heart and the main vessels, and know the path of blood through each. (Inferior & Superior Vena Cava into the Right atrium, through the tricuspid (you ride a tricycle before a bicycle) valve to right ventricle through the pulmonary semi-lunar valve to the Pulmonary arteries to the lungs to the pulmonary veins to the left atrium to the tricuspid or mitral valve t
  2. ~1L saline bag stripped with a 10ggts set. Place bag under seat between seat and springs....run the line up behind the seat and under the seat cover at about shoulder height. When the crew sit on the seats the pressure will get their seats wet... ~Go into their rig and remove all supplies from the cabinets and put them back in the wrong spot. ~Baby powder/garlic powder/powdered sugar in the vents, turn a/c or heat fan on high...when they turn on rig..... ~Condiments (mayonnaise is good due to its consistency) on the steering wheel, doorknobs and seat belts. ~Egg salad sandwich (or
  3. This is SCARY!!!!!!! Lasix aka Furosemide is a Sulfonamide Loop Diuretic...therefore it is Contraindicated in people who are allergic to Sulfa!!! Many people are deathly allergic to sulfa like me. If you played that prank on me you would have KILLED me!! So.... PLEASE be careful when you play jokes on people! Off the soapbox now... ~Ambo
  4. The only problem I have is that they only have to take the written test, sometimes not even that to renew their liscense. I think it sould be mandatory for everyone to have a written and driving test every ten years or so. Due to new technology, new laws etc things change and you should be required to learn these new rules as well as be tested on them. My two cents. ~Ambo
  5. In California Fire has just as extensive a background check as PD. We have to be totally clean in all aspectes of our lives. EMS is a little different but our driving record has to be spotless. ~Ambo
  6. We are licensed in California as paramedics but we still get lousy pay. I heard that in Oregon you can get in with a degree in anything plus your paramedic training. It makes sense to have higher educated professionals but until more colleges and universities offer paramedic degrees there might be a problem getting one. For now I believe that having a bachelors and your paramedic education shows you have the maturity and the education to preform well. "training" comes later when you are interning and hired on with your company. The degree idea is good but it will take a few years until there a
  7. splint in place for a nasty angle...tape or triangular bandages and pillows or blankets. we don't carry mast pants or vacuum here. we get cardboard, tape and good ol imagination. ~Ambo
  8. um isnt this why there should be a national standard? just my two cents ~Ambo
  9. ok both emt-b's so unless its a bls transfer company they wouldnt reun the same car anyways. and if ur new to the company AND a new emt u prob woun't have the choice to be together anyways. maybe same shift but newbies or rookies often dont get to choose thier shifts for personal reasons maybe for school but....ur pushing it unless u have REALLY REALLY cool sups and they have losts of shifts to fill, its highly unlikely. my two cents ~Ambo
  10. LA and Socal baby! 9 million people in the greater Los Angeles area, home of guns, knives and multitudes of illegal and legal drugs..... so Persik and me are in the same size class...on opposite sides of the world eh... Oh yeah my old stomping grounds would be the Bay Area and East Side San Jo is the Arm Pit of the Silicone Valley...Good luck and be safe Byker! ~Ambo
  11. Okay this is exactly my life! ~ S, B, Q words always start up a bunch of sh*t and at least one cluster f*ck. ~ Taking off boots or in my case, even unzipping them for some fresh air. This also applies to untucking the shirt or just wearing your undershirt. (Remember I'm system status) ~The whole night is toast (night shift here) if you have something important to do the next day. ~ If you are ordering, just finishing or dare I might say lifting the first bite of food to your mouth (and usually this is when you haven't eaten all day) ~ You must study, do your bills, taxes or com
  12. Is it crazy to think that I could be an EMT-B and even progress on to an EMT-P at the age of 33? Nope! If you are a good EMT it doesn't matter, actually I see more of an age bias with the younger EMT's. Most PT's see a more mature EMT and feel you have more experience than those that are younger, so even though you may be new to the job you prob will get more respect from the PT population. -Has anyone ever heard of other women my age starting this career? Yes quite a few people have a late start. From what I've seen they either start right away out of high school or start later a
  13. mediccjh said: Me too, especially when a lot of our calls are like "1.2" miles from the ED. We have REAL short calls like that and LONG ones like over 30 mins. So take your pick. It usually is the downhill trauma that is 30 min out and the granny that has the flu that is 2 min out. The way the world turns man. ~Ambo
  14. My theory is that during a full moon or close to it (at least here in the desert) one can see at night almost like its a severely overcast day. Therefore a lot more people....usually the crazies or the stupid boys on toys are out at night. We get a lot more drunk accidents on bikes, dune buggies etc. and more psych PT's wandering the streets on a full moon. That's my two cents... ~Ambo
  15. This is the total truth. When you start deciding who lives and dies well... if I may quote my self from another thread..."Many that live deserve death, and some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends" Gandalf I must say siblings but since they are all in the fire service they can figure out how to get out all by themselves, we hope anyways. So when it comes to my basic ems standard I look towards Tolkien and my the nerdy side of me must agree with the utopian way of things but in the end I
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