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  1. Hey everyone, Looking to hear peoples stories about 800 MHZ radio systems. I want to know the pro's and con's. I want to know the troubles you have had (if any) and the terrain type you cover (city,rural etc). Thank you.
  2. This one night while at work the old radio fire up and we hear a "VERY"old female get on and say "This is the ST. **** Home and one of the fireman left his walkie-talkie here and it keeps making lots of noise" This dept. had a call at the old nuns home earlier and one of the Firefighter/emts left his radio, and every time they were tapped out it bothered the nuns. Just funny.
  3. Thank you for all of your input and responses and remember bald can be beautiful 8)
  4. Hello all, like to see what people think of about men shaving their heads. I always use to just have just a crew cut style but my hair grew so quickly that within a week I would basically need to go lay down another 15-20 bucks for another trim, recently one of the guys from my dept. was diagnosed with CA and lost allot of his hair, in support of him a good number of people in my dept. as well as surroundings shaved their heads. After this it just sort of grew on me (no pun intended) it is easier to maintain and much cheaper, however I noticed that I tend to get nasty or surprised looks from
  5. VHF Hi band for ems, UHF for Fire. I find in this area VHF is the way to go one VHF repeater will cover an area that uhf needs at least three or four. Only down fall is communications on VHf from inside concrete building to outside are poor. If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve that let me please let me know. Thanks
  6. I say real! Don't forget the human body is partially made of water so there for lunar activity seems to have an effect. My own theory
  7. If they back into every parking spot and driveway for that "quick response"
  8. It is not uncommon for people from other states to abuse their emergency lights either, recently had yet another incident were a guy and his Buddy's from another state wanted to get some food real fast during rush hour, so he turned on his blue lights (law enforcement in this state and FF in his state) and flew through traffic. We finally caught up to him at the grocery store but not before he almost caused three hi-speed accidents and pissed off many citizens. Imagine his surprise when the real cops were behind him!
  9. At this time our local fire depts do most of our light extrication, everything else is done by neighboring towns.
  10. [All had/have emergency lights, the Olds and Toyota had an electronic siren. The Chevy has a manual control switch to a "motor driven" alarm type siren (not satisfactory but not enough space under the hood).
  11. 2001 Jeep Wrangler, just a few emergency lights here and there and of course a siren.VHF/UHF mobile radios.
  12. It is nice to talk with your friends and co-workers but if you happen to have a drink in your hand at the time you are doing it, that just makes it better and a little more laid back.Right Pat
  13. At one of my Dept's we have the option between blue jumpsuits or Blue ems pants with a gray polo or t-shirt with our emblem on the front and our departments name in large block letters on the back, we have FF style workshirts for the cooler months. Also available are blue three season jackets or fleece vests. Our tech team wears Blue pants with red shirts or red jumpsuits for their functions. My other dept wears blue jumpsuits and has the option of wearing their white polo with blue bdu or ems style pants.Unfortunatly people do not believe in keeping thier white shirts clean or fresh. Nothi
  14. When your dispatch is out of one of your senior citizen's houses that is equipped with a "RED PHONE" and portable radio. ( I like it when the dispatchers children or Grandchildren answer the emergency phone) When you are considered the back up for your one law enforcement officer on midnights. When everyone on your department is related by blood or marriage.
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