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  1. As an ALS provider without a degree, I can say, yes there should be more of an education for EMTs and Paramedics. Should it be classroom? No not necessarily. There should be more hands on learning. It's the best kind. Being able to talk to your patients about current events and sports is fine, but it doesn't come from a school. It's your personality, and experience dealing with people. What will "weed out" the most people is to make them work a few 911 shifts on night shift in a major city. College isn't for every one. That is why there are technical schools. How will ems gain the respect it deserves without school?? Time and public education. We are still young. Nurses still don't get respect from MANY people. They see nurses as women wearing little skirts and hats doing nothing but taking orders from the doctor. I think that we all know they do much more!! I think that the first thing we should worry about is getting all of the certifications in the country the same. Some have 3 levels, and some have 4. Some intermediates can give meds, and some can only do IVs and ETs. We need some sort of common ground first. If higher education is needed, it will have to be brought on slowly.
  2. I agree with having the expiration be at 5 years, and also having to take a refresher class, but I think that they could do away with the written exam! There must be a better way to refresh. Maybe if they do an audit of the calls you ran, what needs work, etc. ??? I don't know, that's why I'm not in charge!
  3. I like the idea of having someone at the other end of the radio to ask for advise on hairy calls. At the same time, the vast majority or the calls I would love not having to ask for permission for some things. My protocols are pretty open, but there are still some things that I wish that I could just do and tell the er later!
  4. We like to write it down and give it to the nurses just before we leave for quarters! They never seem to find the humor??
  5. I have the same problem. Very frustrating
  6. I shave my head, not to the skin, but almost. It is allot easier to take care of, and it looks and in the summer feels cool! The only problem is that you don't have the warning that hair gives you. I seem to whack my head on things allot more than when I had hair!
  7. of course I would like to say that I am noble enough to say that I would save five people vs. one, however, in that circumstance I think that I would probably go with my sibling.
  8. Paid als for a small town, but also work for a transport company, it's kind of nice doing a transport once in a while, sit back and enjoy the two and a half hour ride with your hip fx pt.!
  9. I don't have to smoke or chew, I get more smoke than I need second hand
  10. It seems like most of the people I work with either drive trucks or SUV's. I drive a jeep, and couldn't really imagine driving anything smaller or without 4wd.
  11. I'm an AEMT-CC from,(unfortunately), upstate new york. We do the same job as a paramedic, just get paid less, in my area anyway
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