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  1. The creepy cat is Schmoopy, my sons cat, best birh control there ever was. My son and his gf were getting at that age . One day they both begged to take him as he was abandoned in an old shed at about 5 weeks. I told my son that he had to take care if it no matter what. After about a week the cat got very sick and he spent 3 days and nights feeding him,the cat puking, and, crapping on him . After that I overheard them talking about babies. Hos response "if having kids is like the last 3 days, i'm not having them ever". I dress him up because he ia an asshole, and it is my revenge for a
  2. http://s231.photobucket.com/user/princess_happiness/media/Living%20on%20Haida%20Gwaii/KILLERWHALE2013_zps5a12f051.jpg.html#/user/princess_happiness/media/Living%20on%20Haida%20Gwaii/KILLERWHALE2013_zps5a12f051.jpg.html?&_suid=136693115852808980608290985003 Here you go scuba, Yes we do have pet Orcas here The tales of Orcas are very imbedding in the culture. Normally it is thought that if Orcas are in the inlet then some one is going to die with in 3 days. It sounds funny but it is kind of true 80% of the time. I am now thinking who is on the sick list.
  3. I get to look out my office window and see wild Orca's.................it was a big one
  4. When I drive code 3 my windows are up, when the firemen drive code three and they are not in the cab they put in earplugs.
  5. I will say that gun registry's do not work. Canada tried and failed. Criminals will get the guns no matter what and at any means they can. There will never be a common ground in this issue. I do think that any online sales of guns should stop, and if it is found that a gun that was bought illegaly from a distributer directly is part of a crime, then that distributer be charge with the same crime. The American people say they own guns for protection, but I wonder if there are any statistics that show if victims had a gun on them or close by when the crime occured and if they were able to u
  6. congrats to you and mr scubanurse. as a mother of three just keep this in mind. It dosn't matter what your child does to make you cranky, it will be funny one day. I hope your kiddlet brings you lots of laughs
  7. I always thought you were a first responder ??????
  8. The stripping I do involves, a truck, an axe, a spatula, and a rope. The forest is full of stripping poles
  9. Well its stripping time again. The day is sunny and bright yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. I'm having a hard time deciding which job is more stressful. Mother Wife Unit Chief Finance Officer Friend Hummmmm screw it, they are equally annoying todoay.
  11. Screaming is good for the sole.............................scream away
  12. In the Phillines they deep fry the eggs just before the chick is going to hatch.
  13. I do not believe in the Bible. I do believe in God. It may not be the same god as you, but I do believe that there is some sort of higher power as some say. I have never questioned it, nor have I had any reason to.
  14. Passed the ITLS and I have to say what a brutal exam.

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