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  1. This year has been a very special year for us Haida Gwaii Islander. Many years ago there was a stand off between loggers and the Haida's. I remember seeing the news article's (I did not live here when the stand off was happening). The result of the stand off created a beautiful national park named Gwaii Haanas. I have been through the park twice and each time saw things differently. In Windy Bay Aug 15th the Haida raised a new pole called the Legacy Pole. It is amazing to watch a pole being raised (I missed this one) and the whole community participates. There is always a feast after wi
  2. Since I don't live in a place where there is traffic, but I still need to know the rules. If you are running code 3 in BC and you have to stop for any length of time, you will turn off your L&S until you start moving again and it is safe to turn them back on. I have been dispatched Code 3 to a community apporx 105 km away. We go L&S and we may not even see another vehicle on the road, but the deer will stay off the road.
  3. I probably read something wrong, its been a monday for me =)
  4. Okay Scuba what did I say in post that gave you the impression I would drive balls to the wall, I simply stated I would go L&S did you miss read something ?
  5. I work for the same service as cprted and yes we would go to this call L&S but it seems that maybe some things have been overlooked, Fell face first out of his wheel chair = rule in/out C-spine. His age alone could rule this in. (Did have a call where a pt fell from standing face first and was unable to get her hands out in time to break the fall, she was dead on arrival) Good size hematoma = Possible brain injury (just had a call 28 female fell from standing, got up and said she was fine. Next day being medevac for a possible subdural hematoma) It always amazes me that when pe
  6. We let family members go with us and it is the attending's decision. I will always let a parent go, but will discourage them if I suspect child abuse. If I feel that the person that may want to ride with the patient is to upset to drive their own vehicle (they may crash), or if the patient wants a friend or family member to accompany them. they provide support. I honestly have never refused someone else coming along.
  7. I have a question, If you have had DVT are you prone to get it again. And shame on you dwyane for not going and having some sort of a follow up for the last episode. I am very disappointed in you.....................and plus I have to post a pic on your wall of my b-day presents this year, as per instructions from my husband
  8. When I started all I had to have was a class 4 license. I had no training in driving, no orientation, or advise in how to do so. My experience was just driving big fords on the beach . And yes I did slam on the brakes a little hard a few times...........................................
  9. Yes we do. Next time your doing CPR sing one. if your sing out loud I would suggest Staying alive, the other one is a bit of a downer.
  10. this is a great outcome. I wonder what cpr song was going through his head. Staying Alive or Another one bites the dust.
  11. Make sure they have built in knee pads..................
  12. My friend had a brain stem stroke. When I first saw him, he was sitting on the stairs crying. His wife said they were just having a normal conversation and he all of a sudden burst into an emotional wreck and said he felt weak. I did an assessment and it was very weird as every test on both sides were equal, for example grips, eyes, smile. He had no complaints of neck or head pain. At the time I knew that the ambulance was busy with a cardiac case, so I told the wife to take him to the hospital in their car but that they may have to wait. They did an assessment and sent him home that nig
  13. Happiness

    Brain Scans

  14. Wow, it does sound like someone is suffering from Head up ass syndrome in the room.
  15. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/08/06/toronto_paramedics_and_firefighters_at_odds_over_medical_calls.html HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM is all I can say
  16. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Wonder where traitor is these days.....................
  17. So how do you explain to the cops and medical examiners that you have destroyed evidence in an abuse case. In BC we do not work on codes that are obvious not viable. As for giving notification to the family, it truly is the best thing to do and they do appreciate it more than you think. I do know that compassion codes play a part and I have also done one in 15 years. Dead is Dead and we can't fix it.
  18. I did think of that, but this is why I didn't go that way. The patient is going to be able to breath easier in the original sitting position, moving them into the recovery position in a moving ambulance is unsafe for both the patient and myself, I would rather not pull over and take the time to do that if it means a delay to the ER , and if they code I am ready for that scenario.
  19. Well I had my time set aside only to have to be at my station dealing with the IT guy. Well Terri you tried and Scuba apparently you were there, good on you
  20. Well this is an interesting scenario. It's always great to call in ALS but alas I do not have that luxury. Since I'm so efficient I have all my equipment with me As I am doing my initial assessment ABC's, I will ask my partner to get the O2 on, I am choosing a non-rebreather at 15 lts. and to get the cot ready. As soon as this is done my patient is getting onto my cot ASAP in a sitting position unless he goes unconscious then supine it is. In all reality getting this patient to the ER and getting notification to them ASAP is my priority. I can help with the secretions with suction
  21. If you don't have a DNR in your hands, no matter what happened prior, I would have to do life saving medic stuff.
  22. I would like to ask why you did this as a BLS Transfer. Most of us have stated that BLS would not be transferring this pt. and if ALS was not available I would be taking a Doc on car with me. Personally with this pt I am picking up the air vac crew and be the taxi driver along with being extra hands if need. I am not touching this pt. with a ten foot pole.
  23. So if you are trying to get us to do homework for you in creating these senario's at least write down what you would do and we may guide you on the right direction. No one wants a paramedic who has not done the work in class to pass and become a bad medic. just my thoughts.
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