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  1. is it pacific, central or eastern time.
  2. Sometimes your the bug, Sometimes your the windshield = Sometimes your the bird, Sometimes your the windscreen Wish I had flying stories ( I hate flying). All I have is two heli rides. One for the daughter of a man who drowned at one of the fishing lodges. We brought her back to be checked at the hospital. She held my hand all the way, at the end she said thank-you, but I was the thankful one who had someone holding my hand all the way home I guess sometimes the roles can be reversed in some cases. But then, I did get the medevac lear jet to an ambulance meeting. Long story shor
  3. Let me know please I will see if I can get squint to show up....................
  4. thank you, off to watch fireworks. Have a good 4th of July to our American friends
  5. I will say this first, this is for humor only, if you think your going to be offended then please don't watch it.................. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn5jlrxcpkI&oq=beat%20your%20kids&gs_l=youtube..0.5.459196321.459200356.0.459202323.
  6. Sounds like our hospital here, the little kingdom..................................
  7. Plain and simple answer because that's all there is, and to tell you the truth, there are a lot of grateful they are there.
  8. Im with Ugly and not going to comment on the Volley vrs Paid, it just an argument that is not going to go away. Here is my analysis on the financial side of running a station. The wages I am going to use are an average and probably low and as a full time station. Now being a bean counter I hope this makes sense. The population I'm using is of my community is approx. 1500.00 and I will use the amount of calls my station had last year which is 299. All the calculations will be for a 12 month period and for one car. 2 crew per shift x 2 shifts (one 24 hr period) 960.00 per day x 365
  9. I have thought long and hard on the topic. First of all there are idiots on both sides of the fence in this profession, and to tell you the truth at some point and time you are the idiot regardless of what side your on, and regardless of the mistake you may have made. It would be nice in a perfect word to have an ambulance attend to you within minutes but that is never the case anywhere. The problem I would like to focus on is the financial one. We need to think about the following (I will speak in Canadian) 1. Which system works better, Provincial or Private.
  10. And yes I have used this on the scene to someone that refused transport but did meet criteria through mechanism of injury (only works with men). "If you have injured your spinal cord at all and it is not taken care of you may never have a natural erection again" Works every time As for the actual post. It is hard to make a good choice just by a forum and not being at the scene. I always encourage my pts to go get checked out, as we do not have x-ray vision to see any injuries. I think in order to answer do we know the outcome. Were there any injuries in the patient?
  11. how come you don't talk to us much anymore...........to much kareokee
  12. Pairofmedics = team and a good team communicates well.
  13. I would like to point out two things, ugly you did what was important for you and your family and even though it can be precived as quitting I personally admire you making the right decision. The burping and cardiac, I had heard this before, brought in a guy, told the nurse his symptoms and mentioned I had heard about the conection to cardiac. They ignored me and ten mins after I left he had a massive mi. In telling this story to my boss one day it saved her life. She had remembered this story one evening as she was what she caled a different kind of burping, went to the hospital in t
  14. Well as nobal as resigning for pt. care is ugly its to bad you didn't ride it out a bit longer. You got the promotion for a reason and if others couldnt be adults then that is their problem. I am a unit chief and even though I have a great crew if they chose to decline in their pt. care it is their license that is in jepardy not mine. Glad to see you back and remember you have the support of good people here. =)
  15. 10 more days I will be off to Mexico again, this time with out the kids.
  16. I have come to the conclusion the accounting is fucking rocket science to some people. If your in the accounting field never say "There is nothing you can do that I cant fix"
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