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  1. My personal stuff

  2. Meetin and Greetin

    Well honestly if you get a normal 2WD you will have the same wheel base and tires, however you will probably have a high stand over and thus a taller truck being more top heavy. We have been running ford F350/450/550 for years, but all 2WD, never had problems getting stuck.
  3. Meetin and Greetin

    Watch out getting a 4X4 ambulance, the ford fronts have poor turning radius with a live front axle. Sadly Chevy had a great 3500 4X4 front end but for some reason they stopped making it. Also if you put on allot of mileage your going to have problems with a 4X4.
  4. Meetin and Greetin

    Funny thing about the Litmans, we are having more war veterans join our ranks at the FD, and many of them have significant hearing loss due to getting blown up frequently. We have bought a number of the mater cardiology IIs and some of the more expensive electronic ones, but the verdict on those is still out.
  5. Hey

    I see nurses in my nightmares...............
  6. Meetin and Greetin

    When I was in medic school I always studied at the local coffee shop, nice and quiet, ready access to caffeine (before the days of wifi even). One day I was banging my head against my books on the table trying to make the cardiology go inside when a older gentleman walked by me and said "Trying to learn cardiology huh?" He was the head of the Heart center at the hospital, and I learned more from him in he 20 minutes he spent talking to some dumb medic student while waiting for his wife, than I did my entire year of Cardiology in school.
  7. Hey

    Like 80% of my EMT students these days. Hey Mari, is Iowa a National Registry state?
  8. Hello everyone!

    What made you make the decision to bite the bullet and go back to school?
  9. Difference between airways

    Intubation is still the gold standard for securing an airway, blind insertion airways have been gaining popularity, and every year I hear that paramedics will no longer perform ETs, But I still see all the air medical services(around here anyway) using only ET tubes, as well as in the ER's. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, and I would like to know of services that no longer use ETs as well!
  10. Hi.

    You may say that language is your biggest issue, but it also might be your greatest asset, most all of us have had patients who didn't speak a lick of english and I don't speak anything but (except some spanish swear words). Being multi lingual will greatly increase your popularity in the field. I once kidnapped a volunteer at a school because as we were wheeling the patient who didn't speak any english out, she casually said "Hello" to my patient in vietnamese. She was stuck in the ER as a translator for I don't know how long.
  11. Glucose, What's your highest?

    I think my RBS was up around 1000 after the nice old ladies from the church brought by a car load of sweets.
  12. Hi hi from the great white north

    Hello and I am also from the north, a bit less north than Ontario however.