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  1. A friend used to work for Rural/Metro and has nothing good to say about the organization after they gave him a royal kick in the teeth. If it happens it will be interesting to see how it changes.
  2. I was glad you brought it up Ruffmeister, otherwise I would never have known what had transpired. It gives me an opportunity to (hopefully) make amends with those I've offended. There is no reason for you to fret my friend, I am grateful to you. I am humbled to still be allowed to show my face here or to even be considered a friend.
  3. It took some digging, but I found at old thread. I hadn't gone back to it after that post so I had no idea what ripples (waves?) it caused. I admit I could have found a much better way to try & convey my thoughts, but there was certainly no ill intent behind the post. I wish I could delete it. My most humble apologies to ALL who I offended!
  4. That chain rusted long ago Kat! Might be the prostate allowing excess humidity.
  5. Isn't what you're describing essentially the somogyi effect?
  6. I haven't been here in years! After getting an email of Mobey's post I thought I should see if I could find a valid password. Sadly I qualify as old here in most every sense. My hair (what's left) is rapidly turning to snow, I've lurked in the shadows of the City for years and I'm at the tail end of my career... Screw it, I'm going for a beer. More than that and I'll be too drunk to walk & hung over tomorrow. sigh ...looks like someone messed with my profile too! 5 posts and a -7 reputation?? I didn't think I was gone that long!
  7. I'm disappointed that AK chose to use this thread to spew his negative opinions on religion. There is certainly a better time & place for this type of "discussion". Manure stinks, is not pleasant to deal with and can leave unpleasant lingering effects. But spread it on your flowerbed and see what happens - in season. Life is like that - $hit happens that isn't nice but if we accept it as part of what will eventually makes our lives richer, it can give us hope. Hang in there.
  8. Hi Doogs, how you doing way up there in Canada

  9. I'm not sure if Eatmore bars are a Canadian thing but they don't melt. They get soft, but they don't actually melt, so they may be a welcome treat in the heat.
  10. I have read some, not all, of the posts in this thread. It's interesting to see the different viewpoints. I had a sent to me recently that help shed light on the whole rationale for building a mosque at/near the WTC site. Please watch it - all of it. It's an eye opener. By the way - be cautious of becoming too tolerant, that's what happened to your neighbors to the north & now they've lost their most of their national identity. Too much tolerance opens the door to anyone setting up shop and making your country whatever they want it to be.
  11. In the slightly paraphrased words of the now rather dead (and fictitious) Juliet - What's in a name? A medic by any other name is still a medic - it's just his scope of practice that has changed. There's talk (in SK) of eventually upgrading the PCP to the current ICP level and ditching the ICP title completely. Time will tell.
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