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  1. I will watch these and form an opinion Thx for the input!
  2. So, I admit I'm addicted to the OLD show Emergency! What are some other good EMS shows or movies?
  3. Thank you for the definition, I feel schooled lol I usually use lacivious Although, never too proud to learn a new word Air force, exciting...I tried to join the Army about six months back, they told me everything is great with my education, skill levels etc. I just needed to loose 30lbs and come back.
  4. Thank you, Really? You MISS Arizona? lol I dislike it here, very much, 13 yrs has not conditioned me to the unrelenting heat ...you'd think so, but no...I am a firm believer that human beings were not ment to live in hell on earth! I like oklahoma just fine, humidity or not. (That is where I am origionaly from) I'm trying to figure out what is a Letch monster? LOL
  5. ysaundra

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  6. I'd say I have another year and a half + for both maybe two years to play it safe. I abosolutly love the OR and ER, Emergency surgery is a dream of mine....hope to aspire to that level one day. Back in 2006 i was about half way through the ST program and ended up dropping out (was young and stupid) unfortunately the school closed and credits were not transferable (guess it wasn't such a creditable school) right now I'm attending Central Arizona College and will be transfering to Northern Arizona University, luckily the ST and Medic programs have quite a few of the same courses through the begi
  7. I'm an EMT from Arizona...currently seekin work! Oh yeah and taking medic classes as well as surg. tech. Ugh, well, anyways.... Joining this fourm has already proved worth it with the laughs this, and other feeds have already given me! Let the fun continue ;-)
  8. Charmed to meet you as well, lol that cracked me up...I was thinking you were all fluent Going private company or possibly tribal based :-) Although I like to play with a hose or two I'll leave the fire trucks to the firemen ;-)
  9. Mmmm....meatloaf....but the puppy can't have any I recently got my nremt cert and am currently looking to join a company in my area Hola Arctickat, Gracias por la cálida bienvenida aqui! Haha my father is from guatemala however I'm not fluent... but I try
  10. Hey Everyone, I'm Saundra EMT-B from Arizona
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