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  1. Ruff, Thanks for the luck wishes, I appreciate it. The game went through about 9 versions with family, friends, "board game Meetups" and play testing conventions before it caught the eye of the publisher I was pitching it to. By that point it was pretty solid, and the publisher adds their know how to make it into a finished product (in my case anyway). With Kickstarter out there, some go the route of wearing all the hats from start to finish. That's tough to do, successfully. I'm hoping this becomes popular enough to warrant an online version at some point, but only time will tell. Monthly boxes are getting popular, I guess some people just like the surprise. I wish you the best on your future ventures!
  2. Like I said, I have the highest respect for what you do...
  3. I don't mind the ball busting, I guess I deserve it. I did a lot of research going through forums, etc learning about EMTs at a high level, and I plan on buying many copies for my family. I'm the game designer....
  4. Actually, the other forum has an advertising FREE section that's pretty cool. I need 10 posts and I can post there too (will do later today). I'm just excited about the game release and thought actual EMT's might be interested. Have a nice day.
  5. Ruff, looks like the publisher put the game details up on his site. Smirk and Dagger games. This has the official description if you want the skinny on this... http://www.smirkanddagger.com/paramedics
  6. Hey, the game comes out next month. Paramedics: CLEAR! High replay ability with 64 different patients and 4 different rigs to choose. The game comes with a free app that is used as a timer. You play three shifts, each getting harder. Try to save everyone you can by sustaining each patient and Transport! them to the hospital. Use the Medevac! for an instant save. After you sustain your patients, you must yell CLEAR! and stop the clock before the patient flatlines. Then startup the clock for the next plsyer. Its continuous non stop play. Give the hard patients to other players to deal with, but they will do the same to you....
  7. Admin - I added a support request to add the image? I also sent a message to "Admin"
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum and have great respect for what you EMTs do. Anyone here de-stress with board games? Unfortunately this one will really test how you handle stress.. (Image removed. If you would like to advertise here, please feel free to drop me a direct message -Admin)
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