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  1. Make sure you sign the application & get it notarized... Do not contact them; certified mail w/ delivery confirmation... Welcome to NYS.... Good luck.....
  2. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2011/08/03/us/03faa.xml FAA is asking workers to work w/o pay. Have you been in this situation? If so, what did you do? I was in a similar situation several years ago. I worked and stuck it through. My Employees needed someone there to get them through the tough times...
  3. Protocols interpretation vary from Providers. It can be Dynamic or an obstacle. However, NYC has re-vamped the Protocols and look like it's moving in the right direction. That being said; lazy Providers will still be lazy...
  4. My guys don't have to bring anything; everything is provided. Except for a pen, map, and gps. Uniforms are provided except for under-garment and shoes/boots... Find out from the Employer; everyone us different... Good luck....
  5. Too much variables out there to teach in "school"... Patients are dynamic and ever-changing every second. Our "Protocols" are not, they change every several of years. If you want everything to be taught in school; most will not enter Prehospital Care. Most Programs and Instructors will demand more money... For some, EMS is a way out or a way in...
  6. I feel ER and Critical Care Health Provider Staff (MD, DO, PA, NP, and RN) should do some rotations on the Ambulance. Just to get a feel of how challenging it can be to do some of the "Advance Skills" in the Prehospital setting... In my previous job; we had new ER employees (MD, DO, PA, NP, and RN) do 2 ride-alongs. Most enjoyed the experience... We as Paramedics did rotations in the ER, ICU, OR, Psych, Lab, OB, & Med-Surg floors; as part of our Clinical. I do not see the problem....
  7. Keep your doors open. The money on a Basic and even on the Advance Levels in Prehospital Care can be dismal. However, shoot for the stars. Do what makes you happy. Money doesn't always bring happiness... Continue the studies after the EMT; it is barely the surface in Medicine or in this case Prehospital Care... Best of luck...
  8. Paramedic Ashley...... Congratulations!!!!!! Have fun; it's going to be a great ride.....
  9. It's some sort of Supraventricular Brady-Escape Rhythm. Without a clearer strip; we can't fully interpret the Rhythm... The iso-electric line is full of artifact...
  10. It's some sort of Supraventricular Brady-Escape Rhythm. Without a clearer strip; we can't fully interpret the Rhythm... You have to look at all variables which may have caused the Artifact. Was there fine muscle movement? Were you in the Ambulance with the engine running? Was someone in the house operating an electric powered appliance? Was there ointment or gel on the skin? Was the skin dry? Did you press on the electrodes due to diaphoresis or dry/flaky skin? Have you notice the Monitor to have Artifactky isoelectric lines on other patients? Maybe it needs service... Remember she's approa
  11. DNR orders received.... I am not sure what you mean by that... He was 20y/o; driving a car and was ejected. He had a DNR?
  12. Didn't the ER have staff who could takeover compressor roles? Bystanders were needed?
  13. Link is dead because camp is almost over.... It was first week July-Aug..... So sorry.... Thought some of the new NYS EMT would have jumped on it... Hope they did... Yes, NYS is very political... Many of the BLS VAS run or at least have major influence in their EMS Region... Check out NYC; our Protocols have improved. It was the hard work of the Region Committee and the constant proposal for change by my peers and myself.... http://www.nycremsco.org/als.asp?intCategoryID=4&intArticleID=81 Go to Aug 2011
  14. Just like a typical EMS guy; bringing an AED to a gun fight... Is bunker gear made out of kevlar? Unless Mr. Miyagi has made carrying up hoses up several flights or CPR into a Karate Lesson; the Fire and EMS Personnel should wait for Police... Our role is not to roll with perps; maybe Fire 101 could be incorporated: Stop, drop, and roll... Somehow, OPQRST will work against a gun or a dozen of wild people? DCAPBTLS will be assessed after they're done with the Provider. Armored Guards carry guns and wear vests but they're trained not to draw their weapon unless they really have to. Outnu
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