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  1. Wow! What a terrific attitude you have! I'd like to box it up and feed it to my students. From your willingness to listen to what people are saying to you, to your recognition of your weaknesses, you demonstrate that you have the qualities to become good at this. I stipulate to what has already been said. We aren't only EMTs. We are social workers, psychiatrists, strategists and depending on the day and the hat we are wearing, a lot of other things. We are the eyes and ears of the doc and in rural areas like mine, we see things no one else will see. Our interpretation of what we have obse
  2. Wow, 10 hours for a call! ...and I thought my part northern New Mexico was the tules. I'm impressed. We have had three hours to be able to meet a helicopter.
  3. I am with a volunteer squad in a VERY rural area (read frontier). After almost 17 years, we know the populace pretty well and have fairly accurate spidey senses for when a call could have safety issues and when it's not a problem. Our area is is used as a training ground for state police and the nearest paid ambulance service has been going through a few years of very heavy turnover so although we know our patients and our district well, they don't. They are forever having us hold for law enforcement to clear scene that we would be comfortable going into becuase we know the folks. Mind you w
  4. The famous exploding belly button attached to a patient that certainly was uninsured. On the other hand, there certainly was medicaid. All I could figure is that they thought the alcoholism would kill him before a possible infection. It didn't seem rational to me. I've been searching the net since this call happened. I haven't been able to find any reference to hernias that burst though the skin. It was one of the weirder things I've seen. On the way to the call, I recall thinking that there was going to be a knife wound or bullet hole. Nope, [ressure from inside tore open skin and bega
  5. We had a rather odd onel one last night. The call came in from a panicked party saying that someone's "belly button" had exploded and there was blood everywhere!." This is an EXTREMELY rural service and getting to the patient took us over 30 minutes. On the way we talked a bit about what might be going on. We heard on the radio while enroute that now the pt was bleeding from his genitals. Hmm, lets rethink this. As we were talking we discussed the idea that what was "a lot" of blood to a layperson might or might not truly be a lot. We were thinking something ugly was coming up.
  6. You guys are wonderful! Keep going! They never told me that kidney dialysis could tank blood sugar. I was very confused by my first dialysis patient back in my basic days who had eaten beans and steak an hour ago (yes, he kept it down) no diabetic hx and a BGL of 12. I act as a volunteer in an EXTREMELY rural area. The other day I am first on scene by ten minutes with 4 pts. A screaming one yr. old in a car seat. A bloody, sobbing unseat-belted 8 year-old, a too quiet curled up 5 year-old complaining of right LQ pain and a shocky adult. Damn, that magic jump kit is lacking a lot. I e
  7. I am working on a class regarding the things you learn in the field that they don't always teach you. An example would be my agitated, obnoxious, sweaty and pacing patient with no pulse...not even at the carotid. (alcoholic with a rate over 300...he lasted 25 minutes before he crashed) You can't feel a pulse if the heart rate resembles a hummingbird's wings. I have a few other examples, but I would REALLY love to have some input from the forum. The things you learn from experience that weren't part of you education. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "Why don't they teach us that?" Plea
  8. I am in Mexico and between getting my teeth fixed and getting a bit of diving in, I am trying to get the fund act application in for our volunteer agency in the states which is due the day I get home. I spent a lot of time in the ICU last year and haven't spent as much time teaching as I like. I fear I've let things slide a bit as far as riding herd on the herd. Putting in this application means I am in putting runs that someone SHOULD have been put in through out the last year and a half half (hey, I was in the hospital trying to die). Anyroad. As I put in these old reports I see see some
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