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  1. Here in Canada it seems to be common for Medic students to make some type of EMS video as a class project. These usually end up being pretty funny, so post em if you got em. My personal favorite out of Ontario My groups video
  2. Not really a fan of Harper but I guess his true colours will come out now that he can't use his minority excuse. He's still a crook in my book, he broke the law and was convicted. Canadians told him that we didn't care. Oh well. I have no issues with the F-35 but stop lying about the cost lest we put you under a mental health warrant ( not even the USA is getting them for 75 million a plane. As for the gun registry, remember the gun registry itself is being trashed, not the whole thing (last I checked) and the FAC costs the majority of that 4 billion. Weapons of mass distraction, seems Harper did learn a thing or two from our neighbours to the south. Good riddance to the Bloc, always figured we should just let Quebec separate, close the borders for a while then invade. No more unique culture and no more special treatment crap. Glad to see the Greens get one seat. I know I know, but I know it doesnt matter to some of you elder folks but when the ice caps have melted and im in water up to my knees (considering im in Regina right now its getting awefully close to my ankles) i'd still like to be able to breathe. Heard one too many Conservatives state that Global Warming doesnt exist. Is it getting warm in here? Dan
  3. Well, any issues wi her as a baby/young child. Any time spent NICU/PICU Is it weakness or full paralysis. What about sensation. Any family history of clotting problems? Last but not least any history of attention seeking behavior
  4. Saskatchewan currently has no RSI protocol. To intubate the paramedic either has to have an apnic patient, or contact med control for the intubation (we can do nothing about loc or gag reflex) There is an MFI protocol in the works with versed and fentanyl but no paralytics. EMTs and EMT-Advanced have King LTs (the EMT-a also has LMA and combitubes) Medics have ETTs and above skills. Medics are trained in surgical airways (needle and cric) but are unable to perform the skill
  5. Sorry Doc your not getting much support for the college here either. As for naming conventions...... well we still technically have EMT, EMT-A, and EMT-P in addition to the newer PCP, ICP, and ACP, plus EMR and CCP (CCP is not technically recognized, even by the college if I remember correctly) And although at work we all wear the old names, there are training differences. No wonder people are confused when I tell them I am an EMT
  6. Always nice to hear the point of view of someone who has seen everything, done everything, and maybe even sent a patient into the ER with a bic pen in his throat. Always good to have someone pushing for our profession to be better, rather than following their cookbooks. I'm sorry to hear about your injuries, anything that keeps you from practicing must be truly painful indeed (not speaking in a physical sense). Glad to have you back, I as always will enjoy reading your posts
  7. Yeah but it's all stuck to the floor Edit: Kiwi why do you guys carry an inhaled anesthetic?
  8. Athol St. in Regina, SK I imagine it sounds funny on the radio
  9. Welcome! I grew up in Calgary, but I live over in Saskatchewan now. Nice to see more Canadians!
  10. Quakefire

    Stanly Cup

    I fully support Rick Mercer for PM or Governor General. Would also make question period far more interesting. Caps I'm rooting for too, winning fifty bucks in the medic school hockey pool would be great
  11. Quakefire

    Stanly Cup

    Squint I can handle your views on my politics (not many were correct by the way, not really a liberal) but watch what you say about my hockey team! I have hopes for the Habs and Vancouver because when my team is out I'll cheer for any remaining Canadian teams, except the Leafs (not that cheering for the leafs is ever a problem in the playoffs)
  12. If he makes us think, great. If he makes us question our own beliefs, great. If he forces is to support our opinions, great. If he pisses us off, well skip reading his posts. Always good for a thought or a laugh. On a sub note, what if he has dissociative personality disorder, look its really just Mobey!
  13. Personally if police were on scene they would be removing the weapon, if not I would prefer to remove it from the pt. I have an issue with giving a firearm to a friend on scene as I in general don't want to arm a potential aggressor. I have zero training in firearms which also makes this an interesting question. Handguns are illegal in Canada and as such any finding of a concealed hand gun would require the police.
  14. Quakefire

    Stanly Cup

    It's true, shows what's important to Canadians. We need to get rid of Harper because he has no respect for democracy, and he even let private corporations decide who we are allowed to hear in our debate (separatists over hippies?) On the bright side we have two Canadian teams playing, and I hope on of them wins. Last Canadian Stanley cup was won by my home town team I do believe, the good ol' Calgary Flames. Oh well hockey over politics is a good plan, considering our only choice in politics is one of the three stooges. Plus I have hope for my medic school hockey pool
  15. big shears at my back (want to see if I can modify the holster to sit at my left hip) radio personal cell phone carabiner (IV bags from lapel or multiples in unit for transfers,never seems to be enough hooks) folding gerber knife (used more for opening supplies at base than anything else) scope around my neck pen penlight notebook in cargo pocket gloves broslow tape Protocol guides are in the truck, and I might start carrying my PALS cards as well because our protocols seem to ignore peds for the most part
  16. Ok, i'm currently in a two year medic program, and we dont have the option for an accelerated program here. My advice would be look at your scope of practice you would be practicing under as a medic. In 12 weeks will you be able to fully understand all your medications and disease processes, as well as all the anatomy and physical skills. Our program already feels incredibly condensed and I cant imagine there being less time.
  17. I recent had the opportunity to speak with Bill Weeks, one of the CMAT regional chairs about their organization and how it works. The people volunteering in Japan right now are doing so out of their own pockets, travel is not provided. If you wish to help out a friend who went over you can make directed donations to help cover their expenses and still get the tax reciept. Also anything they bring over will stay there to continue helping the Japanese people. Truly a noble organization that deserves our support.
  18. I'll leave the joke about buying a goat (or was that a sheep) aside. But I like those ideas too. Hard to take admin fees and salaries out of a goat compared to cash donations. And thanks for the elderly advise, I have a pretty good idea what I'm getting myself into, but other readers might not, so it's nice to have that statement there.
  19. Thanks alot Squint! CMAT looks cool, plus there is a senior member here in Saskatoon. Global Medic I have looked into, but it seems easier if your a Toronto or area medic. Is it just me or is International SOS sound more like a private hospital for people abroad than a help people in disaster areas type company (from their website atleast)
  20. Did you do any repeat 12-leads to see if there was any progression? What about reciprocal changes? Strangely just had a patient just like this, except he looked like crap too (bit younger too) We went the full cardiac route (well kinda he was allergic to morphine and one shot of nitro dropped his pressure 30 points) Our patient had upper abd/epigastric pain, with N/V ST elevation in V2, V3, V4 and was pale cool and clammy. Turned out as a GI bleed. Cardiologist told us that the elevation was a result of the Lifepak 15 causing false elevation, and that on serial 12-leads there would be no progression. Can anyone comment on this?
  21. Lifeguard I find your comments truly disturbing, Mobey was pointing out that the story you posted had nothing to do with your post. This is true is it not? To defend yourself saying your using that story to defend previous threads when that wasn't stated and then attacking others could be said to be a reflection of your practice then as well. I see that you have been required to edit all three of your posts, maybe you use creative documentation to cover your mistakes on the street? You also jumped to insults with any challenge, you state delusion of persecution above, could it be you are suffering from the same psychotic disorder you project onto Mobey? I also consider Mobey to be a good friend, and one who had befriended me quite quickly so saying he has an irrational distrust of others is insane. I have not read any of your other posts, but I can imagine what they are like from your very poor reputation, and the content of what I see here, I question as to why you are here, I sincerely doubt that you are here to learn and share experience like most of us here but instead just a common troll only here to cause issues and headaches. The other option is that you are actually like this and for that I pity your partner.
  22. I wear a magnum stealth 8" boots with the composite toe and shank, plus the side zip. Been a good boot so far, I can get into them quick and they dont get too hot. I had a problem with the zipper on my first pair but it was replaced under warranty quickly. I have narrow feet and they still fit well, but I will be adding insoles due to my high arches. Other than that, great boot
  23. My thoughts go out to the family of the medic who lost their life, I wish the attendant in the back a speedy recovery, and MedicNorth all the support possible
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